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iD reveals 2012 Emerging Designer finalists‏

iD has selected twenty-eight ambitious designers from across the globe to show at the annual iD International Emerging Designer Awards in Dunedin on the March 29th, 2012. Within this group are selected Australian designers representing the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and University of Technology Sydney.

Amongst the Australian finalists are Carolina Barua, Allison Bell and Jon Cordiano from Melbourne, and Ben Bala, Natalia Grzybowski and Patricia Kapeleris, expressing what ought to be a might multicultural mix.

New Zealand’s homegrown designer finalists include Vihanga Mahesh Sontam, Andie Ye Ji, Jojo Ross, Yun Shin Do and Phillip Hawkins. Ditto to them, too, on the multicultural front, then.

Finalists are given the opportunity to present their designs on one of the world’s longest runways to a board of highly established New Zealand and Australian designers, and this year it is expected that there will be emphasis on menswear and more consideration towards the environment.

Those successful in the annual iD International Emerging Designer Awards will showcase at the iD Dunedin Fashion Show on Friday the 30th and Saturday 31st March, 2012.

Pictured, part of the Nero collection by Christina Exie.

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