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The Cream Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

Feeling overwhelmed by all the junk catalogues in your mailbox yet still haven’t started your Christmas shopping? Panic not. Cream has done the culling for you to present an array of fabulous Christmas gift ideas, ranging from $5 stocking stuffers to couture and even collectible art! Pour yourself a cup of chai, put your feet up, and start perusing…

Also, we’ll be updating this gift guide right up until Christmas Eve so do keep checking in for new last-minute gift suggestions!


WHAT: Lindt Chocolate Teddy Bear (100g). FOR WHO: Those close enough to you who deserve a little treat and who won’t be paranoid that you’re trying to fatten them up. DESCRIPTION: Delicious chocolate from one of the world’ greatest confectioners. COST: $5.49 each. AVAILABLE FROM: Selected grocery, department and specialty chocolate stores. TIP: Keep a whole box of ’em in the cupboard for unexpected guests and the best bit is, if you don’t give them all away, you can stuff yourself on Boxing Day.

WHAT: Apple iPad Mini. FOR WHO: Your best friend who’s switched their iPhone for a Samsung and iPad for a Galaxy Tablet but is now feeling cold turkey and needs a quick minimalist old-school (but new!) fix. DESCRIPTION: Fourth generation iPad with retina display, faster A6X chip, FaceTime HD camera, and ultrafast wireless. COST: $369 (16GB). AVAILABLE FROM: Specialist technology outlets including Apple stores, of course. TIP: Let them know you’re investing that much in a gift so that you don’t end up with a tacky bit of tat in return.


WHAT: Cygnett Enigma Folio/Stand for iPad Mini. FOR WHO: Your best friend who has an iPad Mini already (in fact probably has everything) but who’ll appreciate updating their accessories. DESCRIPTION: A cover-come-stand with a rather Zen-like origami feel to it: folds to reveal flexible viewing positions, and features a rubberised cover and microfiber inner to protect screen from scratches. COST: $40. AVAILABLE FROM: Handy accessories sites such as iLounge, Macfixit, and Tablet2Cases. TIP: Tech accessories are always a clever gift for fussy friends and family; just be sure they’ve actually got the techno gizmo you’re aiming to accessorise or things could get really embarrassing.

WHAT: Pantone Ceramic Teapot. FOR WHO: The cool graphic designer friend who lives and breathes Pantone products. DESCRIPTION: Made of bone China, dishwasher and microwave save (though what it would be doing in the microwave, we’re not sure), 850ml capacity, available in ‘ketchup red’ and ‘printers blue’ (ie: ‘cyan’ to those in the know). COST: $69.95. AVAILABLE FROM: www.until.com.au. TIP: Match it with beaut Pantone milk jug also available in ketchup red and printers blue.


WHAT: Pantone Ceramic Espresso Gift Set. FOR WHO: Your Mum as part of her new designer makeover for 2013. DESCRIPTION: Bone China, dishwasher and microwave save, each espresso cup holds 110ml. Set comes in red, blue, purple and orange. COST: $79.95. AVAILABLE FROM: www.until.com.au. TIP: For a change from espresso coffee, use the cups to pour Chinese tea in, from your trusty Pantone teapot (above) of course!


WHAT: Clarins Eau Dynamisante. FOR WHO: That special someone who knows and appreciates a classic beauty product and one that never insults – Eau Dynamisante is a toner as much as it is a gorgeous fragrance. DESCRIPTION: To celebrate the product’s 25th anniversary, a limited edition bottle is available in sparkling red: for a true Chrissy aesthetic! COST: $65. AVAILABLE FROM: For stockists phone (02) 9663 4277. TIP: Eau Dynamisante was the original ‘unisex’ scent – arriving way before Calvin Klein’s ambiguous potions, so keep in mind it’ll make a great gift for your Dad as much as your Mum; your bro as much as your sister.


WHAT: Tanqueray London Dry Gin. FOR WHO: Your Pop. Or your mate with mature, distinguished tastes in booze. DESCRIPTION: The bartender’s gin of choice, 47.4% volume alcohol. COST: $42. AVAILABLE FROM: All good bottle shops. TIP: The bottle is so Christmas-like in its distinct red, white and green, you needn’t even wrap it and it’ll look so good under your own tree while it’s sittin’ and waitin’ to be presented. But for a more serious tip, visit www.tanqueray.com for some classic cocktail recipes.

WHAT: J.Lo Glowing Fragrance. FOR WHO: Your big sis or a friend who’s a fan. DESCRIPTION: A floral woody amber scent that with top notes of bergamot, mandarin and cypress, heart notes of orange and cassia flower, and dry notes of amber sultan, patchouli and cashmere musk. COST: $65 for 50ml, $85 for 75ml. AVAILABLE FROM: Myer and selected pharmacies, or phone 1800 812 663 for stockists. TIP: Press the atomiser and the bottle lights up! Very Christmas-y, indeed.

WHAT: MOR Basil & Grape Gift Pack. FOR WHO: The mother who doesn’t wear Charlie and sister who doesn’t wear Britney. DESCRIPTION: Includes triple-milled soap (170g), body butter (250g) and hand cream (80ml). Gift packs also available in Neroli Clementine, and Honey Nectar. COST: $29.95. AVAILABLE FROM: Selected pharmacies; for stockists phone (03) 9600 4599. TIP: Don’t stop there. Every festive season, MOR come out with the most beautifully packaged gift packs, all cleverly themed in colour and scent. Visit www.morcosmetics.com to view, well… more!

WHAT: Clinique Taste Of Honey Gift Set. FOR WHO: The girlfriend with luscious lips to give her more variety. DESCRIPTION: Four lippies in various shades – dark to light – going by the names of ‘Black’, ‘Flirty’, ‘Lovely’, ‘Shy’. COST: $54. AVAILABLE FROM: Clinique counters nationally, for stockists visit www.clinique.com.au. TIP: Speaks for itself, really; already beautifully packaged so you can save on the giftwrapping.

WHAT: Ferrari by Logic3 R200 Headphones. FOR WHO: The muso buddy or DJ mate who thinks his or her Dr Dre cans are the coolest and is in for a big surprise. DESCRIPTION: Features high efficiency 40mm full range speaker driver; three-button remote control for Apple devices; one-button remote with microphone for Android, Windows and Blackberry; also compatible with MP3 players; and boasts closed-back design to seal the ear pads so as to prevent loss of music dynamics. COST: $349. AVAILABLE FROM: Visit www.ferrari-by-logic3.com for store locations. TIP: Also available are nifty Ferrari by Logic3 earphones – so go on then, invest in a pair for yourself.

WHAT: Typo Ghetto Blaster Candles. FOR WHO: The perfect affordable stocking stuffer. DESCRIPTION: Double-wicked sturdy candle in silver would look great on top of your speaker (just remember to keep it on a base/plate as you wouldn’t want that wax to ruin your equipment). COST: $9.95 each. AVAILABLE FROM: Typo stores nationally. TIP: At less than 10 bucks a pop, these cool candles will make great conversation starters in place of the tired ol’ tea light candles we’re used to peppering around the party.

WHAT: Tapi. FOR WHO: The kids, or the mate who suffers from hypochondria. DESCRIPTION: Yes, we know they look odd. Nice and colourful in that Alessi kind of way, but odd. What these little gizmos are, in fact, are rubber tubes that turn your tap into a drinking fountain. Created by Aussie design firm, Dreamfarm, the least we can say is that they’re very original. COST: $5.95 each. AVAILABLE FROM: www.dreamfarm.com. TIP: Well it does have one.


WHAT: Sony PlayStation3. FOR WHO: The ardent gamer in the family. DESCRIPTION: PS3 now with a new streamlined look and packed with more value than ever before. Available in 12GB and 500GB models. COST:  $299.95 for 12GB model, $399.95 for 500GB model. AVAILABLE FROM: Quality electronic stores nationally. TIP: Download the Sony Summertainment app for free. It suggests 1001 things to do over the summer plus lets you enter to win great prizes including a trip to Hawai’i for you and a mate.

WHAT: PlayStation Wonderbook. FOR WHO: The ardent gamer in the family who isn’t satisfied with watching the game on the screen but actually needs to feel a part of it via augmented reality technology. DESCRIPTION: A storytelling medium that throws you in the thick of the video game. The first Wonderbook game is Book Of Spells, inspired by the magic of Harry Potter. The game teaches players how to cast spells as well as providing humorous anecdotal facts. Tilt, rotate or simply turn the pages to bring stories to life around you – literally. Well, virtually. COST: $48 for PS3 Wonderbook plus Book Of Spells. AVAILABLE FROM: Big W, JB Hi-Fi and specialist gaming stores. TIP: Requires PlayStation Move to operate.

WHAT: Le Pug Soap. FOR WHO: Any dog lover. DESCRIPTION: A triple-milled atelier soap scented with a clean woodsy-floral fragrance and packaged in a gorgeous polkadot and striped gift box. Though shaped like a pug, it really is for human use, but do check with your vet to see if okay to actually wash your pooch with it! Also available in Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel and Westie Dog designs. COST: $34.95. AVAILABLE FROM: www.kellyandsam.com. TIP: Make the most of a special coupon code just for Cream readers when shopping online at Kelly & Sam. Simply key in the code CREAM10 and you’ll receive 10% off your order at checkout (valid until midnight 24 December, 2012 to residents of Australia and New Zealand only).

WHAT: Kelly & Sam Designer Dog Lead. FOR WHO: Your Pooch. Your Puppas. Man’s Best Friend Who Deserves A Bit Of Style. DESCRIPTION: A 120cm length lead available in attractive pastel shades with collars available to match. They come in mint, pink, and lilac clover designs. COST: $29.95 for long lead. AVAILABLE FROM: www.kellyandsam.com. TIP: Make the most of a special coupon code just for Cream readers when shopping online at Kelly & Sam. Simply key in the code CREAM10 and you’ll receive 10% off your order at checkout (valid until midnight 24 December, 2012 to residents of Australia and New Zealand only).

WHAT: Suitjamas. FOR WHO: The dad who has everything. DESCRIPTION: They’re a cross between a suit and pyjamas. Comfortable elasticised pants, a fully functional button-up jacket, a long sleeve top, and even a sleep safe clip-on tie! Lends genuine meaning to luxury sleepwear. COST: $89.95. AVAILABLE FROM: www.suitjamas.com. TIP: Available in navy blue and white, black and white, grey and white, and purple and grey, there’s a colour to suit all dudes, from the conventional to the more flamboyant. 

WHAT: Yellow Tail Wines. FOR WHO: Your uncle or aunt. DESCRIPTION: This Aussie icon of a wine brand offers an array of great varietals at base range. From its crisp Chardonnay with hints of peach, rockmelon and vanilla, to the sprightliest (it is a word, you know) Reserve Pinot Grigio with a green apple finish, to its passionfruit-tinged Moscato, there’s something for all palates. COST: $9.99 per bottle. AVAILABLE FROM: Quality liquor outlets. TIP: It’s good to cook with wine. Even better when you actually put it into your cooking.

WHAT: Nicola Finetti wardrobe. FOR WHO: The fashionista in your life (oh, that’s right, that’s you!). DESCRIPTION: (Pictured) Open back bustier print top in black, and angled yoke contrast pant in black. COST: $330 for top, $330 for pant. AVAILABLE FROM: www.nicolafinetti.com. TIP: Nicola Finetti’s Summer 2012/13 Collection is one of the designer’s most diverse ever. Featured are skirts, jackets, dresses and pants in neutral hues and gorgeous prints, and textured fabrics like raffia and sheer peplum. Pick three or four pieces for your summer wardrobe and easily mix and match, looking different on every outing.

WHAT: Moroccanoil Haircare Products. FOR WHO: Your girlfriend with the unruly hair. DESCRIPTION: Pictured left is the original Moroccanoil, a versatile, nourishing and residue-free formula that can be used as a conditioning, styling and finishing tool. Pictured right is the Intense Curl Cream, an ideal leave-in conditioner for wavier hair, rich in argan oil and vitamins. COST: Product prices vary. AVAILABLE FROM: www.moroccanoil.com. TIP: Stay protected on the beach by running a little Moroccanoil Treatment through the hair. It absorbs instantly to fill gaps in the hair created by heat, styling and environmental damage.

WHAT: Gatineau Melatogenine AOX Probiotics. FOR WHO: Your friend who doesn’t mind you hinting that the years are going by – gracefully. DESCRIPTION: A range of products to help reserve a more youthful appearance of the skin. Inspired by studies of Melatonin, a new molecule was discovered that helps keep the epidermis supple and moist, providing a smoother skin. The range includes new Essential Skin Corrector and Essential Eye Corrector. COST: Product prices vary. AVAILABLE FROM: www.gatineau.com.au. TIP: New logo, new packaging, new friend for life!

WHAT: Rekorderlig Cider. FOR WHO: The host of the party. DESCRIPTION: This summer’s cider of choice. Comes in seven distinct flavours: Apple, Pear, Strawberry-Lime, Wild Berries, Apple-Blackcurrant, Mango-Raspberry and new Orange-Ginger. COST: $7.50 a bottle, or $79.99 per case of 15. AVAILABLE FROM: Dan Murphy’s, Jim’s Cellars and other quality bottle’os. TIP: Pour into the Christmas punch and watch them go gaga over it.

WHAT: Street Art On Canvas by Ben Frost. FOR WHO: The mate with great pop taste in decor. DESCRIPTION: There are so many excellent street artists whose work is for sale online via their very own websites, from Australia’s Ben Frost to international enfant terrible, Banksy, simply google the bad boys’ names and you’ll find art aplenty for sale. Bypass the galleries and go direct to the artist themselves. COST: POA or via auction (subscribe to the artists’ newsletters for regular auction update). AVAILABLE FROM: Various sites. TIP: Give the artist one for delivering such brilliant work!

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