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The fat man and the bimbette call it quits 2Day

Annoying radio duo Kyle Sandilands & Jackie O have announced they will not be returning to radio in 2014 as The Kyle and Jackie O Show on 2DayFM – and response has been divided.

Clearly the pair have their fair share of short-sighted fans and followers judging by recent tweets and news page threads, but in industry circles (ie: everyone working in radio, print, PR, media in general) there’s been a collective sigh of relief.

Despite Sandilands’ constant diatribes and offences – against women, Jews, overweight people, gays, you name it – the vile-mouthed ogre still managed to rope in the ratings. Two things could be at play here. One: radio ratings are rigged. Or two: Australian radio listeners need to rethink their perception of what’s funny and ironic.

As for O (no, we don’t care enough what her surname is to write it in full), she practically did nothing for women in the media, very often coming across as the dumb ‘yes’-girl bimbette to Sandilands’ smarmy clown. Well, okay, she did occasionally stand up to him, but knowing radio marketing, this was probably to keep opinion divided so as to attract a broader listenership.

Who knows what these two might be doing in 2014? We ourselves hope Sandilands ends up in LA (where he so aspires to live) and is eaten alive by an entertainment industry that wouldn’t put up with his shit (one full of women, Jews, gays, and even some overweight people, we might add). And Jackie? Like, do you really care?

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