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Backlash over 'dickhead' ad campaign

Okay, we’re not really sure what to make of this. It’s an online ad campaign put together by a bunch of Sydney dudes – renowned for their bullying antics – hypocritically telling Australians not to instigate drunkenness, bullying and violence.

Notorious Kings Cross nightclub owner, John Ibrahim, equally as notorious radio shock jock, Kyle Sandilands, and [cue the obvious adjective once more] notorious ‘Bra Boy’ Koby Abberton have banded together to create a supposed anti-violence advertisement that preaches to the average Aussie punter: ‘Don’t be a dickhead’.

Ibrahim, who has had an entire series of ‘Underbelly’ based around his underground dodgy club and drug dealings, is heard in the video pronouncing support for the government’s venue ‘lockout’ regime [which while supposedly keeping drunken idiots out of clubs and bars, also ensures a huge lot of equally drunken idiots are locked inside like cattle] while Sandilands, who has been in countless amounts of strife bullying people on radio, is portrayed as some kind of arch-angel, stopping a drunken dude from getting into a fight.

Says Ibrahim in the clip, in his typically decrepit brand of English: “Every group has got a moron in it; I know I have a few.” And yet this moronic few have the audacity to tell the rest of us how to behave or not behave?

The public backlash within minutes has been interesting, with comments ranging from “Two total fuckwits, one a murdering smack dealer and the other an offensive, provocative dipshit, have the audacity to tell kids how to be behave; wow” to “How do we stop the violence? How about we start by not giving money and a public platform to three of the most obnoxious bullies Australians have had the unfortunate ‘privilege’ of knowing’.

Indeed, let’s hope taxpayers’ money hasn’t actually gone to these highly (and wrongly) celebrated bullies.

To view the moronic ‘Don’t be a dickhead’ clip, click here.

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