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‘Serial fuckwit’ Kyle Sandilands is up to his sexist tricks again

Obnoxious and overrated radio announcer Kyle Sandilands is up to his sexist yet ratings-moving tricks again, this time annoying singer Lorde in an interview on his Kiis FM breakfast show with co-host Jackie O.

Appearing on the program yesterday to promote her forthcoming Australian tour, Lorde was questioned by Sandilands on her budding friendship with American singer, Taylor Swift. Sandilands turned the interview into a fantasy lesbian scenario, delivering comments along the lines of, “Are you guys together now?”. “Not together as in lesbians [but] I would love that”, and “Are you going to confirm now [that] you’re in a lesbian relationship with her?”, clearly antagonising the young artist.

While a dumbfounded Lorde can barely be heard in the background, what with Jackie O chortling like a little pig, the pauses throughout the 50-second snippet speak volumes.

Online responses have been mostly in support of Lorde as members of the public refer to Sandilands as a “cock”, “douche” and “complete serial fuckwit”.

Music industry representatives are also up in arms about the wayward interview, with singer Megan Washington recently posting on Facebook: “Kyle Sandilands: You are embarrassing. Please retire. You have enough money. Please go away,” moments after Kiis FM aired the tasteless audio.

No doubt, however, the men in suits at Kiis are too busy counting the ratings to truly notice any of the offence that’s been taken.

Excerpt of the offending interview via SameSame’s Soundcloud account.

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