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WIN! Copies of sci-fi series ‘Defiance’ on Blu-ray

Starring Australian actor, Grant Bowler (‘Blue Heelers’, ‘Lost’) ‘Defiance’ is the dramatic new sci-fi epic that kept viewers glued to their screens. Nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Visual Effects, ‘Defiance’ tells the story of courage and survival in a world filled with peril.

The year is 2046, and in the wake of an alien conflict, a completely transformed planet Earth is inhabited by human and alien survivors forced to live and work together in the aftermath of this global catastrophe. Mysterious drifter Joshua Nolan (Bowler), a former military lieutenant and his lone companion, Irisa (Stephanie Leonida), settle in the frontier town of Defiance, where they join forces with other inhabitants struggling to build a new society in this dangerous new world. Together they must stand against outside forces that threaten their existence.

Linked to the video game, ‘Defiance’, viewers and fans get an interactive experience like none other. As the events of the series unfolds per episode, viewers can see how the residents’ struggles are impacted upon in the game. For the first time in history a TV show and game are linked on a shared universe, influencing and impacting each other.


‘Defiance: Season One’ is out on Blu-ray and  DVD from July 3 through Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Cream has 15 copies of ‘Defiance’ on Blu-ray to give away. To try winning one, simply ensure you’ve Liked our Facebook page, then email your name, address and the Subject heading ‘Defiance’ to cream@pobox.com by Friday 4 July.

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