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Top five factors to consider prior to engaging in self defence

Self Defence


Self defence is an incredible thing to know, and it’s a huge part of my life that I’m so glad to have. I started learning krav manga in Melbourne a few years ago and have thankfully, never had to call on it in a real-world situation. Not only do I get excellent fitness from this training, but I learn discipline and how to protect myself to boot. I have to explain what it is to friends sometimes, as they don’t understand exactly what it means to have self defence training and how to use it! I remember I was walking with a friend recently in a new neighbourhood while travelling in Cambodia, and I mentioned how it looked a little less safe down a particular street. I suggested that we take a walk down a different street and into an area that was better lit. Her response was to say that I am a martial arts student, and shouldn’t I be safe anywhere I go? To that I say, yes, of course I am better trained than perhaps some other people to handle trouble and to fend off an attack, but there are many things about self defence that are just as important as the training itself. I call to mind a certain Mister Miyagi from The Karate Kid who said, ‘Best defence? Not be there,’ and this kind of wisdom will serve you well as a student of self defence. I want to discuss some of the top five things that I consider prior to engaging in self defence .


Step One – Be prepared
When you are walking in a new area or when you’re travelling overseas, the first line of defence that you have is to be prepared for every potential occurrence. That way you’ll be on the offence, not the defence! If you know that a certain area is tough, avoid it! Why would you go looking for a fight when you don’t need one?


Step Two – Consider the alternative
What is the possible alternative to a situation of self defence? If you can defuse the altercation with words, then of course this is what you should do. The last thing you should do is to engage in self defence.


Step Three – When intoxicated, consider your safety first
If you’ve been out on the town and have chosen to walk home or are in an unfamiliar place, consider the fact that your wits may not be what they used to when sober. This is something quite normal to happen, and in the event that you feel a little woozy, take a taxi or travel with friends instead of walking alone.


Step Four – Consider your friends
If you have friends who are prone to getting into fights, it might be wise to speak to them about their behaviour instead of letting them get into situations where you might need to step in and help out. Self defence includes the people around you, too.


Step Five – What can you learn?
If there really is no other alternative to engaging in self defence, then be sure to act quickly, and with purpose. Your training will put you in good stead for defending yourself and your friends, and you will be glad to have taken on the skill of defense. The time that you put into bettering yourself can only go to a good purpose, but be sure to learn what you can from the situation and to be as active as you can in defusing any tension before it escalates.

I hope that this has been a useful resource for your self defence skills.  Eada Hudes





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