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Rose McGowan hits back at columnist's "vile, damaging, stupid and cruel" critique

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Actor Rose McGowan has hit out at a Hollywood film columnist for his honing in on actor Renée Zellweger’s face as the reason he didn’t fully get the trailer for the new movie Bridget Jones’s Baby.

McGowan referred to writer Owen Gleiberman’s critique of Zellweger’s appearance in the film as being “vile, damaging, stupid and cruel” and said it also “reeks of status quo white-male privilege”.

Gleiberman, who landed a recent post as chief film critic at Variety, took to dissecting just about every facet of Zellweger’s face, as opposed to just waiting for the film’s preview to come out, to analyse that. It seems the question of whether Zellweger had surgery or not was more of a preoccupation with him.

The messages were mixed in Gleiberman’s column, sure to leave some readers wondering if he was saying he’d prefer to have seen the same face age of Bridget Jones of yesteryear, or that he would have dealt with it just as well if she had aged naturally, without excess makeup even. McGowan does have a point though; that men who age in film, and even throughout decades of sequels and prequels (think Harrison Ford in the Star Wars franchise) rarely get judged on their appearance.


Examples of Gleiberman’s more ‘slashing’ critique (again, this is after he’d only viewed the trailer, not the movie itself) included lines like:


“If she no longer looks like herself, has she become a different actress?”
“Watching the trailer… I thought: She doesn’t look like Bridget Jones.”
“In the case of Zellweger, it may look… like something more than an elaborate makeup job has taken place.”
“I just hope it turns out to be a movie that stars Renée Zellweger rather than a victim of ‘Invasion of the Face Snatchers’.”


McGowan hit back by penning a column for the Hollywood Reporter, highlighting what she considers to be continued harassment towards women, and recalling some of the abuse she’d experienced when she was in acting including once having to go on the Howard Stern show where the host asked her to show him her labia.

Currently, McGowan has given acting a break and turned her attention to filmmaking, music and social activism, mainly for women’s rights issues.

All issues aside for a moment, we’re still wondering what the fuck Bridget Jones ever saw in the soppy, foppy character of Mark Darcy in the first place. Analyse that!  Antonino Tati

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