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Mobile Is The Ultimate Gambling Platform Of The Future

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No matter where you look in the world there’s one trend that unites the world of online gambling. People wishing to enjoy a flutter or two are doing so ever more via their smartphones. Improved handset technology – larger displays, superior graphics and functionality – combined with high performance 4G connectivity have been essential in developing this trend. Yet so to has been the willingness for people to trust the companies that offer them their favorite slots and table games. The world of online gambling is now major business and the top operators understand that customer satisfaction is essential in retaining an edge over the competition.


Providing the customer with what they want is what it’s ultimately all about

The major operators such as Royal Vegas Online Casino go to great lengths to ensure that they are providing the kind of games that their players are looking to enjoy. Regular customer surveys all suggest one common trend – and it’s the one that that’s going to shape the future of gambling. People want more and more games completely dedicated for mobile play, and that’s why casinos are spending small fortunes developing games designed specifically for this format.

Only a couple of years ago mobile versions of casino games were basically chopped down versions of the PC software. More often than not they didn’t translate well. In the very near future expect all this to change. Here’s a run through of why mobiles are going to be the gambling platform of the future.


Dedicated Game Development

Many casinos spend huge amounts of their operating budgets ensuring that they have access to the best games from the best development companies. Now that the trend is towards mobile expect to see games that are completely formatted to work with mobile devices – the PC will be a distant cousin in terms of importance. PC gamblers needn’t fret though as recent operating systems are already designed to be compatible with App-style presentation. This easy cross compatibility will be the key in pushing through the development of the next generation of games perfectly optimized for mobile gaming.


Mobile Gambling Is Simply More Convenient

We’ve already seen how well utilised mobile Apps can revolutionize the way that people bet. The prime example is how in-match betting has caught the public’s imagination. Long gone are the days of needing to leave the bar and run to the bookies to place a bet – all this can be done at the table while not missing a second of the game. With more and more live sports being instantly stream able to mobile, in-match betting will continue to grow.

Plus there’s the simple fact that people like to play the odd hand of cards or spin a few wheels when out and about. Mobile gambling allows people to basically play whatever and wherever they wish. As games become ever more immersive and spectacular expect both free and for money play slots to continue to grow in popularity.


The Future Is Already Here

Well – almost! There’s a big push within the industry spearheaded by Royal Vegas Online Casino and a few of the other major casinos to develop Virtual Reality compatibility within their game portfolio. It may be a couple of years away but one of the big ideas is to use mobiles as a way of powering VR headsets/glasses, as they are already nearly as powerful as a decent mid range laptop. It’s such potential which lies behind why the VR developers are striving to make their products as affordable as possible to the domestic user, and as with all new technology the price will tumble down within a couple of years.

Mobiles also have the advantage of being a natural format for engaging players with social media. The ultimate dream of many online casinos is that their site becomes a forum for players to chat and socialise as they play. Mobile technology is the best way for this to become a reality – and you can bet a great deal of effort is going into making it a living reality.

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