Home Handling: An Expert’s Guide to the Moving Out Experience


Moving out is a necessary experience. It’s not often fun, and it’s not often easy, but it will happen in almost every person’s life. Turning your entire life into a storm of your belongings, winging their way around every single room before making it to the correctly marked box can be a real hassle, as can making sure the house is properly clean afterwards.

Hiring a cleaning company like Whiz Melbourne Vacate Cleaning can really streamline the exit process, and it allows you to sit back and relax after all the heavy lifting, so hiring a cleaning company should be regarded as a good move, despite the associated costs.


Cleaning a place after vacating it is an important part of the lease process.

This means that you leave the house presentable for the next tenants, and you go one step further to ensuring you get your bond back. When cleaning the house yourself, remember to use a detergent and a sponge to clean walls and door frames in the house, as these get dirty over long periods of time, and are easy to forget, as well as the area around shower fans, which can occasionally develop mould issues.

Always remember to clean all of the windows and around door handles and light switches too, as there are also spots that are easy to forget. The end result is a much cleaner house than you might remember from when you lived there, but the landlords and real estate agents will be happy.


Packing your things is the worst part of the moving process. Taking everything that makes your house a home and cramming it all into cardboard boxes to ship off to your new address is time consuming and stressful, and often shows you just how much useless stuff you have built up over the years. Packing boxes properly makes the move easier and the unpacking easier, so setting up a good foundation makes the later processes easier. Try spreading out heavy items like books and alcohol bottles evenly across all boxes, so you have a consistent weight to work with, instead of just having two or three incredibly heavy boxes. This will allow for less movement, and if you pack in layers, easier unpacking at the end.


Sorting your things to be packed is difficult and time consuming, but if you’re looking for a fast way to reach that goal, you can always try an age-old method. Put all of your clothes and soft items (like blankets and bedsheets) into large garbage bags, which is a big part of the moving sorted. All small items go in small boxes, medium items in large boxes, and large items are taken by themselves. Spread the books out across these boxes based on their size and you’re done.


The end-zone.

You’ve packed, moved, cleaned and gotten out of the old house, now all that’s left to do is to unpack, and the best advice we can give is to suggest starting in your bedroom. Move all boxes to their relevant rooms and unpack your bedroom, get it completely finished before moving on to the other rooms of the house. At the end of a long day of unpacking, you’re going to want to retire to a set-up room, and having your bedroom nice and cozy and ready for you is a great way to ensure that the end of the day isn’t just a mountain of boxes surrounding an unmade bed.

Moving house is a mostly unpleasant process, but with a little bit of planning and some elbow grease, you can have some fun with it.

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