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The Right Way to Solving Summer/Spring Pest Problems Easily

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Summer and spring are the favourite seasons of many people… and many pests too!

It might annoy you to find out that even pests desire to enjoy the warm summer and the delightful spring seasons indoors they also love to spend an awful amount of time on good property which of course doesn’t belong to them.

For a lot of people, summers are the worst season they can experience, and spring can be tasking, just because of the number of insects that thrive in the beauty of the sun except they love doing so indoors too, by invading homes.

If you are unfamiliar with dealing with pests, this can be a great hassle that can cause you to end up spending a lot of your hard-earned money on just trying to get rid of them.

Here is a quick guide to ending that problem by first becoming familiar with the issue to better deal with the problem of pest’s invasion in summer or spring.

Most dangerous pests found in summer and spring and reason you’ll find them at home.

Below are the names of pests and the most common reasons that they might choose to invade your home or property for, in summer or spring.




Mosquitoes are often categorized as the most dangerous pests in the world and not just Australia, this is because of their ever growing potential to spread diseases and cause many deaths due to the same.

They spread some of the worse diseases like malaria, dengue, and the Zika virus etc. They are known to multiply rapidly especially during spring time due to the increasing temperatures while moving into summer.

Summer and spring is the season that mosquitoes eggs usually hatch even if they were laid earlier, the mosquitoes that take a hibernation break in winter resume duty to cause havoc in spring and summer.

Only female mosquitoes of certain species have the ability to feed on animal blood; however that doesn’t limit them from proving to be a huge annoyance. With the diseases and inflamed bites they leave, mosquitoes are definitely the most dangerous pests in Australia and the rest of the world.


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Even though ants are mostly found outdoors, they do not believe in shying away from an opportunity to invade your home in order to reach a food source.

Unprotected lunch boxes, dirty dishes, leaky plumbing and an unclean kitchen or barbeque grill are all some of the most common reasons that ant chose to invade homes in summer or spring.



Flies are known to grow in number very fast which only contributes to hating them all the more.

Spilled food or drinks, pets poop, dirty dishes and uncovered food are known to attract flies into your home especially if you do not have screened doors and like leaving your doors and windows open.



It can be quite confidently stated that we hate fleas much more than our pets do. Not only because they hurt our favourite animals that live side by side with us but also because their bites can be very painful and are known to spread diseases to humans.

A dirty pet that is not regularly bathed in summer or spring is one of the main causes of fleas invading your home. A few other reasons are lawns that aren’t mowed; these give fleas and other feral animals a great place to hide until they can find their ride to invading our homes.

Irregular vacuuming also is a way to neglect cleaning out any possible fleas or eggs. It is advised for pet owners to use a flea shampoo to wash their pets regularly. The mixing of your pets with other wild or feral animals can also cause fleas to transfer on to your pet’s body providing the fleas with a great ride to your home.


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Rodents can be pretty destructive indoors and outdoors due to their ability to chew through anything and squeeze through the tiniest of gaps.

They also spread contamination and germs to everything they come in contact with. They are carrier of fleas.

Rodents are often attracted to food which is one of the main reasons they try to invade your home in the hope of reaching a good food source. They are mostly attracted to untidy and dirty surroundings or environments whether a home or garbage cans that are not sealed properly. Neglecting any holes in your property leading indoors into your home is also like providing a rodent with its own pet door.




Possums can seem cute but can turn out to be one of the worst types of home invaders. They are known to cause havoc especially for pet owners. They are also carriers of fleas.

Untrimmed tree branches that could be used by possums to invade your roof can really cause you to have a possum problem, and so will keep windows and doors close to ground level open.


How to know if your home is invaded by pests:

Here are a few things to look out for if you want to confirm a pest invasion:


01. Insects ruling your windowsills

One of the first places to look out for a pest invasion is your window area. Pest invasions are often seen first-hand at the windowsills of a house and the basement of the same.

Homes that are prone to having a fly invasion usually show signs of built up dead insects in this part of the home. Spotting different kinds of dead insects are indication of the fact that your home may need pest control for more than one kind of pest.


02. Pest faeces in your kitchen area

The kitchen area is the most obvious source of food for all pests which makes it more likely to have pests wandering in the kitchen area than any other part of your home.

This means that their excreta can most often be found in the kitchen area of your home. Many times tiny droppings can be mistaken to be food particles and it is important to ensure the same before cleaning it to confirm if pests have made your home their own kingdom.


03. Spotting pest control products

The spotting of pest control products is the ultimate hack while viewing properties for purchase.

A first look at the home can tell you first-hand what an inspection report might tell you after a while. Homes that have pest control products are usually a sign of pest invaded places.

Looking at areas in the corners of the kitchen and garage might help you notice if there have been any bloodsheds from wars with the pests before.

An important thing to keep in mind is that the emptier the bottles of pest control products, the bigger the problem of pest invasion.


04. The annoying rattling sound during the night

Most pests are known to be creatures of the night owing to the fact that they feel safe to come out of hiding when people aren’t around.

Big pests like rats and other bugs are known to make annoying sounds during the night while working their way through the house in search of food and their need to litter most home owners that have an infested home will notice scratching, squeaking and other insect noises once the lights are off and its bed time. Such noises in the night are a pretty big sign for home owners to know their home is infested with pests.


05. Termite Waste

It is without a doubt the most obvious and undeniable fact that termites are the most destructive of all pests.


Termites are known to eat through property without much of an effort and before you can even realize that you are suffering from a termite infestation.

The best way to know if your home is suffering from a termite infestation is by looking out for termite waste which usually looks like piles of sawdust.


06. Talking to the neighbours

One of the best parts about moving into a new home is the opportunity to make new friends with your neighbours. This will also help you get information on any previous issues the property had in regards to pests.

The first people to know when a pest control is conducted are the neighbours and if there has been a history of pest invasion, it is most likely that the neighbours will be able to give you that information.


07. Unhygienic and littered surroundings

The best way to avoid pests in the first place is to keep your surroundings clean, however if the surroundings of your neighbourhood is littered and dirty they will be attracted to your property too and not just your neighbours.

In such situations the best thing to do is to talk to the home responsible for littering and request them to help you keep pests away by maintaining a clean environment. This is possible only if its only one or two homes responsible for the littering of the neighbourhood.

If the neighbourhood consists of many homes that litter and can attract pests, there is not much one can do to resolve it but move.


Summer and Spring Pest Control Tips: Dos and Don’ts



• Change the weather-stripping setup on windows also fixes any loose mortar situated around the foundation area.

• Keep the kitchen area clean and ensure all food is stored in good sealed containers

• Ensure there is no water collection in any part of your home.

• Follow regular maintenance and pruning of the landscape around your home.

• Remove places that can be used for hiding by pests

• Find a way to ensure that rainwater is directed away from the house

• Ensure that basements, attics and crawl spaces remain ventilated and dry

• Fruits and vegetables past their consumption period need to be disposed.

Finally, don’t forget to seek the help of a professional for a bad pest infestation rather than taking matters into your own hands. Professionals are skilled and trained enough to be able to find out and treat these infestations better than regular home owners. This is the best way to ensure that the property is not damaged in thinking that the pest infestation is dealt with while it still persists.



• Leave pet food outside for long hours

• Let garbage compile

• Allow piling of dirty dishes

• Stack firewood and construction materials up

• Allow cracks or small holes around the bottom of the structure to grow bigger

• Let your sprinklers spray water that will collect around the foundation of your residence

• Allow moisture to collect in your home

• Leave any food lying around for pests to feed on

The most important thing to not do is…trying to remove a pest infestation by you. Not only can it be dangerous and ineffective but you’ll also be wasting a certain amount of money.

Nobody likes a pest invasion and every hate owner detests the feeling of stressful compulsion of having to deal with them every summer and spring. It is important to know what they are attracted to and to try and keep them away as prevention is always better than cure, but in the case of a pest problem its always better not to underestimate it and seek professional help when needed as a trained eye and solution is much better at solving a pest invasion than that of an untrained.


About the author:

Muzi Tsolakis is the head of Protech Pest control a trusted name in helping home owners get rid of their worst pest problems with their termite treatment and pest control services.



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