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The Cream Christmas Gift Guide 2017


With just over four weeks to go before the big day, Cream suggests a big bunch of Chrissy gifts that are practical, unique and sure to be appreciated. No excuse for giving them socks and jocks when you’ve got this lot of impressive stuff to choose from!

Compiled by Chris Prindiville, Antonino Tati & Lisa Andrews


01. The Coffee Tarot iPhone Case

↑ 01.

WHAT: ‘The Coffee’ Tarot Card Case for iPhone X. DESCRIPTION: It’s in the cards… your mornings will be crap without that first coffee. This tarot-inspired design is part of a unique range of cases that not only protect your valuable handset but make a fabulous ironic statement. WHO TO BUY FOR: The friend with the latest iPhone and a constant caffeine craving. COST: $35.99. AVAILABLE FROM: www.society6.com


02. Printed Acrylic Block 

↑ 02.

WHAT: Printed Acrylic Block. DESCRIPTION: The simple way to brighten up any room is with a nice and sturdy, cool acrylic block. Forget naff photographs captured in resin, choose instead from a variety of fab prints, both retro and contemporary. Personally, we’re loving this turntable print, pictured. WHO TO BUY FOR: The constant home decorator. COST: From$35.00. AVAILABLE FROM: www.redbubble.com


03. Snap! Vintage Selfie Light & Headphone Splitter

↑ 03.

WHAT: Snap! Vintage Selfie Light & Headphone Splitter. DESCRIPTION: Lights, camera, action! Add some old-world charm to your photos with these battery-powered selfie lights. It also doubles as a headphone splitter so you and your friends can listen to tunes while busting those posing moves. WHO TO BUY FOR: The friend who loves to look good. COST: $15.99. AVAILABLE FROM: www.yellowoctopus.com.au


04. ‘Twin Peaks_ Black Lodge Dreams Cushion 

↑ 04.

WHAT: Twin Peaks ‘Black Lodge Dreams’ Throw Pillow. DESCRIPTION: Add a little weirdness to your living space with this Twin Peaks-themed throw pillow. Dare to rest your head on it to see what surreal dreams eventuate. Measuring 16″ x 16″, it features a double-sided print and includes faux down pillow insert. WHO TO BUY FOR: The slightly skewered or weary. COST: $29.99. AVAILABLE FROM: www.society6.com


05. Boca Copper ‘Globe_ Bar

↑ 05.

WHAT: Boca Copper Portable ‘Globe’ Bar. DESCRIPTION: Mixing two worlds, travel and socialising, the ‘Globe’ bar is constructed from polished copper, manually hammered, with a base made from black lacquered glass. Despite its compact look, there’s plenty of space for bottles and glassware. Forget water-cooler talk, this is the real conversation piece. WHO TO BUY FOR: The cocktail enthusiast. COST: POA. AVAILABLE FROM: www.bocadolobo.com


06. Mag Wheel Table Lamp

↑ 06.

WHAT: Mag Wheel Table Lamp. DESCRIPTION: Rev up your evenings with this auto-themed table lamp. Complete with large rotors and six piston brake calipers, this bedside accessory is sure to keep the engine running on those late nights in.  WHO TO BUY FOR: Motorheads. COST: $49.95. AVAILABLE FROM: www.gyrofish.com.au


07. Ned Kelly Pin 

↑ 07.

WHAT: Ned Kelly Pin. DESCRIPTION: Get him to express his rebellious side with this retro-style pin stamped with the face of Australia’s greatest renegade, Ned Kelly. Made from enamel and silver plating with rubber clasp. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The uber-hipster with a good sense of irony. COST: $10.00. AVAILABLE FROM: A broad selection of pins at www.stupidkrap.com


08. Mini Arcade Machine

↑ 08.

WHAT: Mini Arcade Machine. DESCRIPTION: Relieve hours of video game nostalgia with the Micro Arcade Machine! Loaded with an astonishing 240 games, this console is integrated with an enhanced screen rear-light to suit both bright and dim environments. WHO TO BUY FOR: Gaming addicts. COST: $59.95. AVAILABLE FROM: www.gyrofish.com.au


09. Runaway Alarm Clock

↑ 09.

WHAT: Runaway Alarm Clock. DESCRIPTION: Getting up in the morning is a drag. But thanks to the Runaway Big Wheel Alarm Clock getting out of bed becomes that little bit easier and more fun, to boot. This alarm clock will escape your clutches as you reach to hit the snooze button, helping motivate you to start the day the right way. WHO TO BUY FOR: The late brigade. COST: $24.95. AVAILABLE FROM: www.yellowoctopus.com.au


10. Bose QC35 II Headphones @2x

↑ 10.

WHAT: Bose QC35 II Headphones. DESCRIPTION: A brand that is as synonymous with excellent audio as your favourite bands, Bose unleashes its new QC35 II headphones that boast noise cancelling technology like no other. The phones continuously measure, compare and react to outside noise, then cancels it with the opposite signal, and you can adjust your level of noise-cancelling (between three) to better fit your environment. There’s Google Assist built right into the phones, meaning you can play tunes, receive texts, manage daily tasks and get answers on the spot – all with the ease of voice command. Just press and hold the ‘action’ button, et voilaWHO TO BUY IT FOR: The absolute audiophile. COST: RRP $499.00. AVAILABLE FROM: www.bose.com.au


11. PainPod Three

↑ 11.

WHAT: The PainPod Three. DESCRIPTION: This truly is a remarkable gizmo. The PainPod is like having a masseur in your pocket; a simple device with small pads that are easily applied to different locations on the body to help alleviate pain, improve muscle condition and support overall wellbeing. You can select different modes, choosing lower or higher intensities, and can attach up to four pads at a time to desired areas. Special modes include ‘face massage’, ‘ear massage’, ‘foot massage’, even ‘cupping’ and ‘acupuncture’, the latter two actually feeling like you have professional hands working on your aches and pains! WHO TO BUY IT FOR: That special someone who deserves more than just the one massage voucher. COST: RRP $479.00. AVAILABLE FROM: www.thepainpod.com


12. Ben Frost Artwork 'No Returns' Acrylic on Chanel Bag 2017 

↑ 12.

WHAT: Ben Frost ‘No Returns’ Artwork, 2017. DESCRIPTION: From radical Aussie street artist Ben Frost, an artwork that screams ‘fashion victim’ as much as it does ‘bloody brilliant irony’. Painted in acrylic on Chanel shopping bag. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The street artist aficionado who knows his Ben Frost from his Banksy. COST: POA. AVAILABLE FROM: www.benfrostisdead.com NOTE: Other original works and prints also available.


Smitten Selfie Advertising @2x

↑ 13.

WHAT: Smitten Selfie Lights (the 2017 ‘Go To Gift’). DESCRIPTION: Clip-on 36-LED Selfie Ring Lights. Use on any mobile device to take amazing selfie shots of you and your friends… You can also use it for flat lays, nails photos, hair shots. Choose from the Duo Light with warm and white lights, multiple brightness settings, battery and USB charge and a mirror. Or opt for the Smitten Selfie single white light with adjustable brightness. Comes in four awesome colours: Mint, Pink, Black or White. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: Be it the Best Friend, Aunty, Mum, Nan, BFF, Boyfriend or Dad, your Selfie Queen will love you for it. COST: Duo $55.00 and Single $12.00. AVAILABLE FROM: www.smittencosmetics.com.au and Smitten Stockists across Australia. NOTE: Make sure you tag #smittenselfie on social media for your chance to WIN!Every week from now until the end of January 2018 we will choose a winning Smitten selfie photo and send the winner a FREE Smitten Product. It’s not about the prettiest or the best makeup, and it doesn’t have to be our makeup or any makeup; we just want to see you happy in your own skin and loving the Selfie! See this video by the gorgeous makeup artist Chloe Joy for how to use them.


13. Blue Ant Pump Air Earphones @2x.jpg

↑ 14.

WHAT: BlueAnt Pump Air True Wireless Earbuds. DESCRIPTION: Pump Airs are the smallest true wireless earbuds available on the market, weighing in at just 4 grams each but packing a powerful punch. Designed for an active lifestyle, these buds allow you to listen, train and talk, all completely hands-free and with no crossed wires – literally. Includes a charging case that delivers up to 15 hours of on-the-go use, with one-hour rapid charge whenever a top-up is needed. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The mate who loves to multi-task, that is work out while tuning out to quality audio. COST: RRP $169.99. AVAILABLE FROM: JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and Tech2Go. For more information or to view the full BlueAnt range visit www.blueantpump.com


14. PetSafe Brand Drinkwell Pet Fountain @2x

↑ 15.

WHAT: PetSafe ® Brand Drinkwell Pet Fountain. DESCRIPTION: Summer can get hot, and we need to make sure our fur babies have constant fresh water available during those long hot summer days! The world’s most trusted pet brand PetSafe ® Brand has the perfect range of pet fountains designed to keep your pet healthy and hydrated by encouraging them to drink more water. Drinkwell ® Pet Fountains feature a free-falling stream of water enticing your pet to drink more during those hotter moments. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: Your best friend, of course – your pooch! COST: Starting from $89.99. AVAILABLE: From www.petsafe.com/au or here.


15. Sunnylife Inflatable Floating Donut Game

↑ 16.

WHAT: Sunnylife Inflatable Floating Donut Game. DESCRIPTION: Make this summer one to remember with Sunnylife’s Insta-famous inflatables. Keep your eye on the prize and don’t let those donuts float away once they hit the water. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: Kids (big and small) who play to win. COST: $39.95. AVAILABLE FROM: www.gyrofish.com.au


16. Stainless Steel BBQ Utensils Kit With Metal Case 

↑ 17.

WHAT: Stainless Steel BBQ Utensils Kit and Metal Case. DESCRIPTION: Summertime is barbeque time so next time you fire up those steaks make sure you have all the tools you need to get the job done. With this utensil kit, your next barbie is sure to be a breeze. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The great outdoor chef. COST: $24.99. AVAILABLE FROM: www.yellowoctopus.com.au


17. Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

↑ 18.

WHAT: Lodge Cast Iron Cookware. DESCRIPTION: For the sturdiest in cookware, nothing surpasses Lodge Cast Iron in our books. Well, on our barbies or stovetops. The Cast Iron 8″ Skillet is pre-seasoned and ready to use on all cooking surfaces, grills and campfires. The Cast Iron 15″ Skillet has superior heat retention and a generous size making it a welcome addition to any gathering. And the Cast Iron 3.2 Quart Combo Cooker is a versatile piece of cast iron cookware that allows for the preparation of almost any recipe; great for the kitchen and outdoors, it’s a deep skillet, a fryer, a Dutch oven and the lid converts to a shallow skillet or griddle. WHO TO BUY FOR: The Master Chef, be it a hero in the kitchen or out on the patio. COST: Lodge Cast Iron 8″ Skillet RRP $49.95. Lodge Cast Iron 15″ Skillet RRP $179.95. And Lodge Cast Iron 3.2 Quart Combo Cooker RRP $134.95. AVAILABLE FROM: Leading outlets like Kitchen Warehouse and Teddingtons Australia or direct from www.lodgecookware.com.au


Poach Pear Products @2x

↑ 19.

WHAT: Poach Pear Rillettes, Terrines, Patés & Condiments. DESCRIPTION: Since its beginnings six years ago, the Poach Pear brand has expanded to deliver a glorious array of products that includes terrines, rillettes, patés and colourful variety of condiments. Each of these beautifully packaged and deliciously tasting products make a perfect addition to any Christmas hamper. Products pictured (clockwise from top left) Duck, Chicken & Porcini Rillette; Pork Rillette; Chicken Paté; and Chicken & Peppercorn Paté. WHO TO BUY FOR: The fussy gourmand. COST: Prices vary.AVAILABLE FROM: For stockists visit www.poachpear.com.au NOTE: The makers of Poach Pear, Adam and Marissa Bielawski, have also recently opened their store Black Pig Deli & Co that stocks its own brand of delectable goods including charcuterie, cheeses, breads and other treats. Visit www.blackpigdeli.com.au for more information.


18. Darth Vader Luke Skywalker Sabre Chopsticks

↑ 20.

WHAT: Darth Vader / Luke Skywalker Sabre Chopsticks. DESCRIPTION: No pesky piece of sashimi is safe from these swashbuckling sabres that appear to come from a galaxy far, far away. These sturdy chopsticks are 24cm long each and run on 8 x LR41 button cell batteries (included) for that special glow. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The Star Wars fanatic who’s ready to turn mealtime into a galactic showdown. COST: $55.00. AVAILABLE FROM: www.myweddingdecor.com.au (though of course it’s not for a wedding; it’s for Christmas!)


19. Luxury Hammock

↑ 21.

WHAT: Luxury Hammock. DESCRIPTION: Summer is the perfect time to lounge around outdoors. And what better way to take in your surroundings than in the classic comfort of a hammock. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: Daydream believers. COST: $245.00. AVAILABLE FROM: www.thetoucanshop.com


20. Alice Bar Stool.jpg 

↑ 22.

WHAT: Alice Bar Stool. DESCRIPTION: What better way to freshen up your dining area than with the pastel-popping Alice Bar Stool from Life Interiors. With its sturdy elm wood seat top and stylish iron legs, this chair is sure to standout when you sit down. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: Mr or Mrs Casual But Smart. COST: $124.95. AVAILABLE FROM: www.zanui.com.au


21. Matt Blatt Antique Look White Rabbit Bookends 

↑ 23.

WHAT: Matt Blatt Antique Look White Rabbit Bookends. DESCRIPTION: Okay, so the bunnies depicted in these bookends might connote Easter more than they do Christmas but they’re so cute, we couldn’t resist suggesting them several months ahead of schedule. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The bookworm buddy. COST: $65.00.AVAILABLE FROM: www.mattblatt.com.au


List Books

↑ 24.

WHAT: A Cool Selection Of Compendiums. DESCRIPTION: When you’re on holiday, the last thing you want to be doing is reading something terribly heavy while lazing at the beach or poolside. Which is why compendiums make great, easy reading while also keeping you informed. Top picks for this summer’s reading include 100 Nasty Women of History by Hannah Jewell that profiles radical gals who have made their mark over the past three millennia; 100 Aussie Things by Bunny Banyai which looks at absurd things Aussies buy, eat and say that the rest of the world often doesn’t ‘get’; and 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die, the bumper 10th anniversary edition which features some surprising new entries including lost cinematic gems of the 1920s and contemporary flicks such as ArrivalLa La Land, and MoonlightWHO TO BUY THEM FOR: Friends with short attention spans. COST: 100 Nasty Women of HistoryRRP $32.99 through Hachette Australia; 100 Aussie Things RRP $19.99 through Hardie Grant Travel; and 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die RRP $39.99 through Murdoch Books. AVAILABLE FROM: Online bookstores including Angus & Robertson Bookworld, Booktopia and Dymocks.


22. Oronda Vase

↑ 25.

WHAT: Oronda Vase. DESCRIPTION: Draw attention to floral arrangements by showing them off in this stunning blue-hued Oranda vase from Villeroy & Boch, suited to any décor theme. WHO TO BUY FOR: The aesthetically-minded. COST: $129.95. AVAILABLE FROM: www.zanui.com.au


23. The Shining ‘Room 237_ Rug

↑ 26.

WHAT: ‘Overlook Hotel: Room 237’ Rug. DESCRIPTION: It’s time to give your living room a movie makeover. If the print on this rug looks familiar, it’s because you’ll recall Jack Nicholson trudging drunkenly across it in classic horror flick The Shining. Made from woven polyester, the rug is nonetheless soft to touch and highly durable. Available in three sizes (2m x 3m, 3m x 5m, 4m x 6m). Oh, and it’s machine washable, too, so you can get all that blood out before anyone notices… WHO TO BUY FOR: The classic film buff. COST: $94.99. AVAILABLE FROM: www.society6.comNOTE: If you fancy this print, there are various products available that feature it – including throw pillows and phone cases – all at giftware site www.redbubble.com


24. Portable Table Top Foosball Game

↑ 27.

WHAT: Portable Table Top Foosball Game. DESCRIPTION: Challenging your friends to a game of Foosball just got easier thanks to the Portable Table Top Foosball Game. Now you can play wherever you are – on camping trips, at friends’ houses, at parties, pretty much anywhere. This version has all the features of full-sized Foosball, such as two colour-coded rows of three “players”, a row of 10 scoring beads, and a perforated metal goal area, all designed in portable, miniature size. WHO TO BUY FOR: Competitive animals. COST: $99.99. AVAILABLE FROM: www.yellowoctopus.com.au


25. Tap Tap

↑ 28.

WHAT: TapTap Toy. DESCRIPTION: A simple but amazing little toy that is great for the whole family! Encourages socialising between the ages and gets teenagers off their screens. Lightweight, so you can carry it in your handbag and have it ready for those times when the kids need to be occupied! Improve coordination and fitness! Designed by a Phys-Ed teacher in New Caledonia. We are the only importers of TapTaps in Australia. You can see TapTaps in action on our FB page TapTapAustralia. Great discounts for multiple purchases. It certainly makes for a cool last-minute stocking stuffer. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The outdoor games lover. COST: $15.00 each, discounts for multiple/bulk purchases (postage $8.00). AVAILABLE: Call or visit their Facebook page here.



25. iFly Xmas Flight Voucher @2x

↑ 29.

WHAT: iFLY Indoor Skydiving Voucher. DESCRIPTION: Unleash the Superhero in your family and give the gift of flight this summer. Sick of buying the same socks, smelly candles or boring photo frames? Give them the gift of flight this Christmas with an iFLY Indoor Skydiving Gift Voucher – the gift that will guarantee an experience they will never forget while unleashing the superhero in them! You can choose the iFLY Intro Package for just one, or get something for the whole family with the ‘Family & Friends Package’. All sessions include comprehensive pre-flight briefing, flying gear, one-on-one training and flights to the equivalent of a freefall skydive from 14,000 ft. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The avid indoor adventurist! COST: Various pricing. AVAILABLE: Grab your Xmas Voucher now from www.ifly.com.au or call 133 366 364 and follow the iFLY Facebook page to be kept updated.


Merry Christmas from Cream Magazine @2x


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