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Office Christmas parties are often an environment to relax and unwind, get to know your work colleagues in a casual social setting, away from deadlines, boardroom meetings and that stuffier spot for socialising, the watercooler.

But throw alcohol into the mix and office Christmas parties can get messy. Booze might at least loosen up folk enough to see them saying and doing things they wouldn’t ordinarily say or do over the course of the year.

A recent study by UK firm Instantprint found that half of the respondents surveyed admitted to having “hooked up” with a work colleague at their Christmas party and, that surprisingly, some 53% were still in a relationship together a year later.

Of the 2000 respondents that took part in the study, nearly three quarters admitted to having gotten drunk at their work Christmas party (72%) while 16% said they had gotten “embarrassingly drunk”. A humble five per cent said they stuck to drinking waters on the night.

Of all departments in the workplace, the main areas that cheeky behaviour seemed to stem from were from staff in HR and IT. A staggering 63% of people employed in these areas had kissed another colleague at a work Chrissy do, while an astonishing 56% confessed to having gone all the way with sexual intercourse.

In the current social and political climate, where sexual harassment is now being taken very seriously, the atmosphere this year might be a bit different. Indeed, come the New Year, there may just be a whole host of new allegations coming to light. Not from Hollywood or the corridors of Washington, but from the office cubicle right next to yours.

Be sure, then, not to see potential flirting crossing over to the crass side.  Antonino Tati


You can view the full study results here.

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