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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

St-Patrick’s-Day-Green-Beer @2x

If you’re wondering why you’re seeing the occasional green flag today, or indeed a giant green hat on some larrikin’s head, it’s because it’s Saint Patrick’s Day – the cultural and religious (well, once was) celebration that recognises the day of passing of Saint Patrick, foremost patron saint of Ireland.

Far be it for us not to get into some good, practical religious (and perhaps not so) rituals, here’s a handful of suggestions of how you can celebrate:


(01). Go hard on anything you might have given up for Lent

Christians celebrate this day simply for the fact that Lenten restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol are lifted – which is probably the reason all pubs are jam-packed on St. Patrick’s Day.


(02). Put green colouring in your bevvy

Your beer might look as though it’s been tainted by nuclear waste, but the taste should remain the same.


(03). Avoid saying things like “luck o’ the Irish” and “to be sure, to be sure”

Or you’re sure to be whacked across the head by a drunken Irish dude sick of hearing stereotypical drivel.


(04). Go see a St. Patrick’s Day Parade

The parade may not be as big as Mardi Gras but the shenanigans are just as wild (see what we did there; we used an Irish word!). For informationof what, where and whenvisit an appropriate site in your state: www.stpatricksfestivalwa.com, sydneystpatricksday.com, www.brisbaneirishfestival.com, or www.onlymelbourne.com.au/st-patricks-day-melbourne.


(05). Wear something green (but tasteful)

You see, you don’t have to don a humongous green hat on your head that makes you look like an oversized leprechaun. Instead you might opt for something subtle and tasteful, like a shamrock pin on your collar.


(06). Or if you live near a pub and don’t wish to get into the shenanigans…

Buy some ear plugs.

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