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Mass tragedy near Margaret River – seven dead

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* This story has been updated; see updates below.

Seven people, including four children, have been found dead at a home in Osmington, just outside of Margaret River, in the southwest region of Western Australia.

Not much is known of what lead to the tragedy, but it seems a major domestic situation had gotten horribly out of control.

Police sources have confirmed [ie: so far reported] the deaths to be the result of a murder suicide, with three firearms found on the scene.

The bodies of two adults were found outside the home and five other bodies, including those of four children, were discovered inside.  Antonino Tati


* The bodies found at the Osmington home were those of family members Cynda Miles, 58, and her husband Peter, 61, their daughter Katrina, 35, and her four children Taye, Rylan, Ayre, and Kadyn Cockman.

Five of the victims were Katrina, 35, and her four children Taye, Rylan, Ayre, and Kadyn Cockman.

Five of the victims were Katrina, 35, and her four children Taye, Rylan, Ayre, and Kadyn Cockman.

* Initial reports suggest the patriarch of the family and owner of the property, Peter Miles, was responsible for the homicides and suicide, and a coronial inquest may take some time to come to a verdict; police say up to months.

* Locals reported that the family was a friendly one, well-respected in the Margaret River community.

* Police have reported that a phone call was made to 000 at around 5.15am which they allege came from Mr. Miles who they also allege then turned the gun on himself.

* Three guns were found on the property, all belonging to Peter Miles.

* While police have ruled out any suspects, some public commentary on social media has alluded to Aaron Cockman, the estranged partner of murdered wife Katrina and father of the four murdered children.

* Cockman had been stalking Katrina just weeks before, parking his car outside the Osmington home hours on end.

* Police are still looking into reasons behind the tragedy and have in the meantime allowed Aaron Cockman to speak to the press.

* Cockman’s statement to the press included comments such as: ‘To me, it might sound weird, but the kids went to sleep and now they are nothing. But to them they are already in a new system’; ‘I wouldn’t want some random guy off the street doing what happened’; ‘If it had to happen, there is no better person than that [Peter Miles, the alleged murderer]’; ‘It’s not some random guy off the street who’s taken them away from me – he gave them to me and now he’s taken them away’; and ‘He planned it, they looked peaceful … he did a good job’; and ‘I lost four kids … let’s have a party.’

* In the same statement, Cockman simultaneously praises Peter Miles while also harbouring disdain, saying ‘I have had so much anger ever since I was cut off from my kids, so much anger. That was due to Peter and Cynda making sure I was cut off from my kids’. Cockman also added ‘… anger was starting to build up to the point where I thought they’ll keep and I’ll get them back some day — Peter and Cynda, that is. I’ll get them back.’

If you or anyone you know might require crisis support, call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or the national family violence counselling service on 1800 737 732.

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