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Of course you’d be happy to celebrate World Chocolate Day!

Lindt Chocolate World Chocolate Day cream magazine @2x

Saturday 7 July is World Chocolate Day and I can’t think of a better food deserved of its own special 24 hours.

Chocolate is a part of everyday life. My everyday life, that’s for sure. In fact, whenever I nick down to the shops to buy a carton of milk and a loaf of bread, rarely do I walk away without also having purchased a chocolate bar.

I’ve always thought chocolate should have its own day marked on the festive calendar, especially since it is so widely appreciated, has infiltrated so many international diets, and often creeps into popular culture.

Scritti Politti Hypnotize Vinyl Artwork cream magazine @2x

I remember my first encounter with Lindt Chocolate. Not at some sample stand at the supermarket, but seen on the 12” artwork of Scritti Politti’s slice of audio confection, Hypnotize. I’d listen to the music relentlessly and just stare at this chocolate bar, my mouth watering.

Back in 1985, you couldn’t get Lindt in Perth shops, so this was definitely my fantasy outlet. Nowadays, of course, there are hundreds of forms of Lindt that line the aisles of Woolworths and Coles, available for a fraction of the price the luxury brand used to cost.

Now, too, local chocolate brands are offering hundreds of diversions to the norm. Once where you used to only be able to get three types of chocolate – milk, dark or white –chocolate bars today are packed with just about anything you can imagine. Cadbury’s, as one example, comes out with a limited edition bar every other week.

This World Chocolate Day, Cadbury is going back to its roots and is giving away free blocks of its original Cadbury Dairy Milk to Australians across the country. Cadbury kids will be surprising pedestrians in the CBDs of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane with free chocky bars, with the brand expecting to see over 225,000 blocks of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate consumed by the end of the day. Laid end to end, that’s enough chocolate to span the Sydney Harbour Bridge 43 times, circle the Melbourne Star 450 times, or measure the length of the Brisbane River 1.5 times! It’s lots of chocolate, put it that way.

Cadbury-Dairy-Milk World Chocolate Day cream magazine @2x

With recent scientific studies showing chocolate is more good for you than bad (some chocolate helps prevent liver damage, boosts beneficial cholesterol, offers better brain power, and lowers blood pressure), there’s no reason not to celebrate the good stuff this weekend.

All. Without. Feeling. Guilty.  Antonino Tati

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