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00. Art

Sports are everywhere we turn. Turn on the TV and it’s there. Drive by your local arena and it’s there. Take a trek to your neighbourhood park and it’s there, there and there. Heck, it’s even all over the place on the world wide web, with betting sites like  22Bet only a mouse-click away to get you into a sporty mood.

Heck, if you love sports so much, why not decorate your home office, or indeed any office, with some fab sporting illustrations?

The Art of the Game is an Aussie art studio founded by printmaker Naomi Le Get whose love of pop art it as evident as her appreciation for all sorts of sport.

Be it AFL, cricket, cycling, even diving, Le Get loves to take key sporting events (finals, test wins, Olympic highlights) and screen-print them onto canvas for glorious posterity.


West Coast Eagles – Premierships.


These are then further printed, framed and made available for fellow sports lovers. But mass-printing is something she’d rather avoid.

“Because we’re artists, we’re not interested in selling you lots of the same posters,” insists Le Get on her website theartofthegame.com.au. “That’s why we only do editions of 100 for most of our posters.

“Sure, we could sell more, but we’d [prefer] to design our next poster, not keep printing the same ones over and over again. It also means any poster you buy is pretty special. You’re not going to see it in every café and every living room.”

And, yes, good luck with trying to res up the following images to try printing them out, you sneaky thing!  Antonino Tati


01. Art

Joel Selwood.


02. Art

Leg Before Wicket.


03. Art

Adam Goodes.


04. Art

Collingwoood – Premierships.


06. Dustin Fletcher

Dustin Fletcher.


07. Art (2)

A History of the Ashes in 24 Bats.


North Melbourne Kangaroos.

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