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Minimise your pantry and spice up your cooking with Mingle

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It seems every other week there’s a good food festival happening locally, while just about every TV channel has its share of programming packed with cooking shows – from the good ol’ fashioned instructive sort to the Masterchef-like cooking competitions. It’s enough to make you feel like a eunuch in the kitchen, really.

If you’re keen to move on from the ‘meat and three veg’ routine, or simply want to spice up your already impressive culinary skills, there is no bolder and brighter range of herbs and spices to do so with than Mingle.


Mingle provide a glorious array of spices with ingredients locally sourced.

Founded in 2016 by foodie and spice fan Jordyn Evans to counteract the nasties in her pantry of various foodstuffs, Evans decided she would include only good ingredients in her spices. Hence Mingle spices are packed with organic ingredients and other quality stuff, like chia seeds, coconut, chilli and cumin – and that’s just the Cs to start with!

Seriously, Mingle makes cooking so easy. I, for one, am often cooking for one, so to have a variety of quality spices like Mingle at my fingertips – instead of having to choose from hundreds of, say, Masterfoods varieties – helps turn a humble Spaghetti Bolognese (use the All-Purpose and a dash of Sienna) into a dream dish.

Sienna Mingle Spice @2x

There are some surprisingly innovative spices in the range, too, like the ‘Stella’ Coconut and Cacao blend for when you’re feeling like dining on something sweet but spicy and very good for you (Stella is great for adding to yoghurt, porridge, pancakes and smoothies but can also boost the sweetness of your Asian dishes).


No fillers, no added sugar, all natural, and many of the spices vegan-friendly, for better food preparation, I’m loving the mix!  Antonino Tati


Mingle Spices retail at $12.95 each per 120gm jar.

Check out the full Mingle spice range at www.mingleseasoning.com and enter our competition to try winning one of 5 full Mingle Cooking Sets -featuring 7 spices – valued at $69.95 each!




Cream has 5 packs of complete Mingle Cooking Sets to give away – that is 7 spices in all: ‘Sass’ Smokey, ‘Sienna’ Garlic & Herb, ‘Sahara’ Fructose-Free, ‘Stella’ Coconut & Cacao, ‘Sofia’ Spicy Mexican, ‘Sally’ Garlic & Dill Ranch, and ‘Sammy’ All-Purpose. To try winning a complete set, simply send your name and address and the Subject heading ‘Mingle to cream@pobox.com along with the Name of the spice you think might become your favourite (choose from the 7 Mingle spices mentioned above). Entries in by 5pm AWST, Wednesday 7 November.

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