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Moving Out, Moving On: How to Make a Clean Break With Your Old Home

The contract is final, the date has been set – you are officially moving. After the excitement subsides, you can be left with a rather long list of things to accomplish to make sure that the move happens when you need it to. If you want an efficient and clean break with your old home, follow this checklist so that you can start your new life sooner in your new home.

Get a removalist

Removalists are the fairy godmothers of moving, and have been long giving tenants a helping hand. Finding reliable and professional removalists in Sydney will allow you to keep to the schedule stipulated by your real estate agent. In addition to ensuring they arrive when you need them to, removalists will also arrive with your things in the same condition that you handed them over in. It also allows you to execute a large scale move, regardless of the type of car you have, and no need to reach out to that friend of a friend with a trailer.

Handle your contracts

We tend to get bogged down in the physical move, and bear little thought to the other components of moving home. You must review your contracts and accounts that pertain to the property you are leaving, and decide what contracts need to be ended or transferred over to your new account. Depending on whether you rent or own, the nature of these arrangements will vary. Consider your power, water and rates bill first and begin the process of fact finding and learning what your options are. Also consider contracts you may have around home and lawn maintenance and specialty bin collections.

Change your address

Changing address can be so tedious that you may even wonder for a moment if the move is worth it. Well it is, and it doesn’t have to be that hard either. If you are willing to lay the groundwork and outlay a small cost, you can handle your change of address in just one day with your local post office. If you want to handle the process manually, make sure you alert your banks and government to your change of address. This will avoid any bills and sensitive information falling through the cracks or into the hands of the wrong people.

Make sure the condition is what it should be

You want to be leaving your property in the condition you found it in, or better if you can manage it. If you were smart enough to get some photos when you first moved in, use those as a guide to what the real estate agent will expect. You are contractually obligated to have a bond clean administered, and potentially a pest treatment if you lived with an animal. Any damage that you think you should be flagging as a fault of your own or naturally occuring, take a lot of photos and supply justifications. The better the state you leave the property in, the quicker the process is likely to take.

A quick and easy move is rare, but not unheard of. Each time we go through the process we learn different things and vow to make it different next time around. It’s time to put this experience into practise, while incorporating the tips above so that you can make a clean break and start your new chapter in your new home sooner.

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