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Circus studs go all ‘Magic Mike’ on us…

Melbourne’s multi-award winning troupe Head First Acrobats returns to Perth Fringe to premiere their new knock-out circus-come-comedy act Railed.

The guys’ flagship show Elixer was a smash hit of 2018 and a show given the thumbs-up by Cream, so were pretty keen to see this new one.

This year they have a new addition, forging them as an awesome foursome, combining good looks, chiselled bodies, acrobatic and aerial skills that impress, and bubble butts aplenty…

Cowboy costumes, sharp spurs, smashed booze bottles and suggestively hung pistol straps see the guys whipping up a wild west frenzy.

Railed is a racy Western-themed spectacular that incorporates a humorous narrative with lively music into a ridiculous, laugh-a-minute ride.

Cowboy costumes, sharp spurs, smashed booze bottles and suggestively hung pistol straps see the guys whipping up a wild west frenzy, demonstrating wicked acrobatic and aerial tricks, cyr wheel delights and slapstick fun. There’s a lot of strip, of course, and obvious use of a familiar soundtrack – yes, we’ve all heard Ginuwine’s Pony during male striptease – but still it had the crowd begging for more.

Funny, rowdy and breath-taking all at once, the lads in Head First Acrobats are always a crowd pleaser. Passion and enthusiasm by these guys is fired off in spades, and they obviously have a great working relationship with one another, working on cue to see the show moving fluidly, one trick to the next.

The team, consisting of Cal Harris, Adam O’Connor-McMahon, Harley Timmermans and Thomas Gorham, are graduates of Australia’s celebrated circus school, NICA, with backgrounds in gymnastics and breakdancing, and have worked long enough together to have built an intuitive trust.

In one skit during the show we see Harris, for example, straddling five rickety chairs artfully. After balancing precariously on top for 10 seconds, he beckons playfully to his cowboy mate, “Help, I’m scared I’m going to fall,” revealing a certain humility and vulnerability. Indeed, humble yet confident, these dudes deserve respect.

Head First Acrobats has a strong Fringe future ahead, securing their place as not only a world-class flagship spectacular, but as one of the best action-packed, uplifting, and damn charming shows you would be lucky to experience. ★★★★

Annette McCubbin & Antonino Tati

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