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Not the most enjoyable movie by a Long Shot: Seth Rogen’s latest is big on laughs, short on class

Long Shot is sure to be a big hit over the holiday period, featuring likable leads in Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen, and packed with the much-needed laughs. However, the Jonathon Levine-directed flick (he who brought us brilliant series Schitts’ Creek) sees too many cringe-worthy ‘Did they just go there?’ moments seeping into the cracks. These, racked up against some of the laugh-out-loud scenes, leave the viewer with a certain sense of dissonance and discomfort.

‘Long Shot’ is the type of flick that should help you switch off from reality for a bit. Instead it evolves into a meaningless romp, often too filthy for its own good.

Seth Rogen plays Fred Flarsky, an intelligent free-spirited journalist with a penchant for trouble, who is enlisted by the Secretary of State, (glamorous Charlize Theron) to be her speech writer in support of her pre-election race for Presidential candidacy. The story gives ground to an unlikely pairing of Fluster who is a daggy, loud-mouthed, walking invalid, easily embarrassing the Secretary of State who is a class act, impeccably presented, intelligent and motivated to achieve social justice.

Onscreen, the pair have enormous chemistry which makes the romance palpable, and the ridiculous atrocities of Flarsky’s personal mishaps contrasted to Charlotte’s powerhouse idealism is almost forgivable. But not quite. The film has enough laughs and there are plenty, but it is a pity these cross over to corny lines and unwanted clichés, the worst sin being that of a disgraceful act by Flarsky. Put it this way; it only just worked in the film Something About Mary; here it just does not.


Profanity, too, while it has its place, is ill-fitting in the main setting of this film. We are constantly questioning why did they have to say that and why did they have to do that? And don’t get us wrong, we’re not prudes; just avert to unnecessary crudeness and unwanted toilet humour.

Laughs aplenty, yes. Likeable performances, yes. Light entertainment, sometimes. But a class act this film definitely is not. Long Shot is the type of flick that should help you switch off from reality for a bit. Instead it evolves into a meaningless romp.

Annette McCubbin


‘Long Shot’ is in cinemas Thursday 2nd May.



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