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Shiv Karegowdra and Mel Issa Honstein in Cahouts Pig-Dog-Man-and-Woman Style

Hello, my name is Shiv Karegowdra. I am a third rate male prostitute who wishes to whore my friendship out to anyone desperate enough to take me in.

I have no actual friends, neither in Melbourne, nor San Francisco, nor my hobble-town in India.

And I also am inherited dog.

I am loser with definite mental problems, and I like to cipher suck-puss and suck-lick black puss.

Dirt is my main game, and my main aim is to imperialise myself so that I can be like White Man.

I love Melissa Honstein, too, and Mel Issa and I go for gold on the Interweb National-Non Trailblazing Cahoutsaville Ride! We love to take down topples. And I also am inherited dog.

Melissa is a dog and that is why I get along with her even if my religion doesn’t allow it.

Indians and Malaysians think that dogs are the lowest of all animal kind. And yet, we are pig-dogs ourselves.

Luv smelly guts, Shiv Karegowdra (aka: Pig-Dog-Man).

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