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Triple J invites listeners to ply them with requests for a ‘Requestival’ running all of next week

There was a time when DJs – and even radio stations – were too cool and up themselves to take requests from listeners. The DJ / Presenter / Music Director knew their musical shit and nobody else need pitch their suggestions.

Hence it blows my mind to say that Triple J – that bastion for all things cool on the airwaves – is inviting listeners to, get this, request their favourite songs.

That’s right, for a week from Monday 25 May, Triple J listeners will take over the station’s music programming for the first ever Requestival.

Every song played between 6am and 9pm each day will be made up of requests from you, you and YOU!

That includes every peak daytime show, as well as Live at the WirelessFriday Mix and House Party, so don’t just limit your requests to your most listened to program, start thinking of fave remixes, live tracks and the occasional guilty pleasure.

All you need to do is download or update the Triple J app to make your song request.

The station also wants you to tell them why you’re choosing specific songs. Relive a memory, give a shout-out, share a secret, tell us about the time you ‘did it’ to that track, or just make your case as to why the nation simply must hear your song.

Then tune in next Monday to Sunday for the week-long ‘Requestival’.

Antonino Tati

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