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How does your salary compare to the pay-packets of superheroes? One bank has done the number-crunching…

We’ve all seen superheroes up on the big screen flying about and fighting the good fight, but rarely do we see them at home relaxing among their creature comforts. Occasionally, we see someone like Batman as Bruce Wayne, surrounded by his high-tech gizmos (and always in possession of ‘that car’) but as for the likes of Iron Man, Ant-Man or even Robin, well, we never really see them kicking back with their kicks off. So what kind of lifestyle are they leading?

A recent study of favourite superheroes – unmasked – reveals they’re not all on salaries as big as the Batman’s.

UK bank brand Vanquis took a look at 24 of the most well-known superheroes and calculated just how much money they would earn from their more ordinary day jobs.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Batman takes the top spot, with his role as CEO of Wayne Enterprises earning him a salary of approximately £751,566 per year (AUD$1,391,565).

Iron Man comes in at a close second, with Tony Stark earning a salary of $1,294,640, while Robin’s alter-ego Dick Grayson just scrapes into the Top Ten, earning $118,199 a year and appearing more on par with the wage of the average Aussie FIFO.

The Green Arrow is the third hero to earn over a million, with his daytime character, Oliver Queen, earning $1,258,150.

The others in the Top Ten all earn half a million a year or under and include Doctor Strange, Deadpool, Professor X, Batgirl, Daredevil and Black Lightening.

To calculate the pay-packets of superheroes, Vanquis took the average salary for each’s listed profession in the city where they are based. For characters based in fictional locations (eg: Gotham City), the bank took the average salary from the real-world city that fictional location is based on.

Vanquis also split the heroes up into DC and Marvel categories, to see who came out on top. The average salary for DC heroes came in at $110,569, while the average for Marvel’s heroes sits slightly lower at $101,139.

Head over to the Vanquis site to see the full findings.

Oh, and for the record, Ant-Man has the lowest paid day job, with Scott Lang earning just $26,101 as an ice cream server at Baskin Robbins. That’s lower than the average Jobseeker payout in Australia, which goes to show you how lucky we are with government spending down under. Even if the nation’s deficit is blowing out like all-hell.

Antonino Tati

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