The Cream Christmas Gift Guide


So you’ve started to schedule your holiday catchups with friends. You’ve invested in a dapper Summer wardrobe. Put up the tree. Hung the stockings. But hang on, you’ve forgotten there’s still a lot of pressie shopping to do… All those gifts for folks you haven’t seen in, like, forever.

Fear not. Cream has once again compiled our trusty annual Gift Guide for you. Plenty of great products for you to ponder: be it for your other half, your BFF, your parents, the kids – rest assured, there’s something here for everyone.

Happy shopping!

Gift suggestions compiled by Antonino Tati + Lisa Andrews


WHAT: Soga Smart Thermos Capsules. DESCRIPTION: Forget those inferior carry cups and containers; the Soga thermos is equipped with an LCD touchscreen prompting real-time temperature display, letting you know the temp of the contents within – without having to open the lid. Features a vacuum-insulated tumbler with detachable tea strainer with 500ml capacity. Perfect for carrying around, be it during sport, at the offy, on a picnic, heck, even to hot yoga. Keeps cool liquids cool and hot liquids hot. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The office go-getter or outdoor adventurist. RRP: $75.00 per two-pack. AVAILABLE FROM:

WHAT: Spun Bamboo Dip Bowl. DESCRIPTION: An attractive dip bowl made of eco-friendly bamboo. Perfect for dips, chips, nuts, olives or (naughty us) lollies. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: Mum: and tell her to open it quickly so she can fill it with Chrissy nibbles. RRP: $20.00. AVAILABLE: From


WHAT: Warhol Campbell’s Soup Can Face Mask. DESCRIPTION: What better way to send off Covid-inflected 2020 than with a face mask stamped with Andy Warhol’s infamous soup cans? Features over-the-ear elastic straps for a snug fit over mouth and nose. Easily washable after each use. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The friend with a good sense of humour. RRP: $16.00. AVAILABLE: From along with a host of hundreds of different printed mask options.


WHAT: 12 Beers of Christmas Advent Calendar. DESCRIPTION: Celebrate the twelve days of Christmas with a refreshing beer each day. Featuring a bumper selection of 12 quaffable lagers and Moorish pale ales, open up a window a day to reveal an exciting beer surprise inside. Contains: Bluey Ultra Crisp Lager, Sol Cerveza Original, Pabst Blue Ribbon, John Boston Summer Ale, Wakachangi Lager, Sail & Anchor Pale Ale, Zytho Zesty Pale Ale, Balter XPA, Stone & Wood Pacific Ale, 4 Pines Pacific Ale, Gage Roads Single Fin Summer Ale, and Young Henry’s Natural Lager. A good lot of brilliant brew, that is! But if beer is not necessarily their thing, there are also collections of cider, perfect for all of Summer, not just Christmas Advent. We’re very content with the beer. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The Lager & Ale Aficionado. RRP: $37.00 for the dozen. AVAILABLE FROM: Woolworths, Dan Murphy’s and BWS.


WHAT: Pizza Poker Set. DESCRIPTION: Bring a little pizzazz to your next poker night. This fun poker set comes packaged in a pizza box, featuring round cards with pizza print and even a dealer chip shaped like a pizza delivery car. (Take that, Monopoly!). Best of all, the chips are shaped like different pizza toppings, with basil, tomato, cheese and pepperoni upping the stakes. Includes 200 poker chips, dealer chip, and 2 packs of round playing cards. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The Poker Player. RRP: $29.99. AVAILABLE: From and


WHAT: ‘It’ Pennywise Balloon Lamp. DESCRIPTION: What better lamp under which to read all those late-night horror stories? Add a spooky twist to your bedside with this lamp inspired by Pennywise’s red balloon from the horror franchise It. The balloon’s string makes the stand for the lamp while the lamp itself lets off a lovely red glow. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The Horror Fan. RRP: $41.99. AVAILABLE: From


WHAT: Fake News Stamp. DESCRIPTION: Donald Trump is soon to exit the Oval Office, but even he could do with a nifty stamp like this. It’ll help you divide the real news from the made-up stuff – and hasn’t it been a huge year for fibs and lies? For an easy way to call out your co-workers (or students) when they’re exaggerating the truth, give ’em the quick stamp. Use it on phone bills, memos, or even news articles that strike you as less than factual. Instant satisfaction at the push of a stamp. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: Your uni lecturer, tutor or teacher. RRP: $12.99. AVAILABLE: From


WHAT: Victorinox Classic Swiss Army Knife. DESCRIPTION: More than a century since its invention, the Victorinox Classic Swiss Army Knife is still an icon of sleek functionality. Each one is built to last a lifetime and in the ‘classic’ knife you’ll find all the functionality you need for your everyday adventures and activities. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The Avid DIY’er. RRP: RRP $39.95. AVAILABLE FROM:

WHAT: Wes Anderson: The Iconic Filmmaker And His Work. DESCRIPTION: Gorgeously bound and loaded with rich imagery and detailed analyses of his films, this is the first book to feature all of Wes Anderson’s works in a single volume. Includes mini theses on classics such as RushmoreThe Royal Tenenbaums and The Grand Budapest Hotel, as well as Anderson’s new release, The French Dispatch. There are also surprise tidbits of info (FYI, did you know Wes provided the voice of Stan Weasel in Fantastic Mr. Fox and a bunch of voices in Sing?). An intelligent examination of the work of a brilliant filmic visionary by acclaimed film journalist Ian Nathan. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The Film Buff. RRP: $49.99. AVAILABLE: From quality book outlets, and published through Murdoch Books



↑ WHAT: Fusspot Tea. A refreshing brand on the beverage block, Fusspot Tea provides a new way of consuming tea – as a beauty product! Fusspot has cleverly formulated a range of organic collagen beauty teas, packed with antioxidants, amazing organic herbs, tisanes, florals, plants, roots and spices to help support your beauty from within. Tea has always been a healthy choice in beverage, but now with Fusspot Tea, you can have good taste, well-being and beauty in one. We’ll drink to that! Approximately 30 serves in each 35 gram pack. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: Mum, your big sis, your BFF, or anyone deserving of a good beauty boost. RRP: $29.95 per 35 gram pouch. AVAILABLE: Online at



WHAT: House of Immortelle Relax Rose Massage & Body Oil. DESCRIPTION: It’s been a tough year, and everyone deserves some physical therapy. Offer your lover or BFF a shoulder massage. But how to gift it? Create your own ‘coupon’ made out to said lover, and package with a red rose and some ‘Relax Rose’ Massage & Body Oil from the House of Immortelle. Offer good for the next twelve months. And if you’re really generous, one massage a month. FYI, ‘Relax Rose’ is a lightweight spray-on body oil made from 100% natural plant oils, and scented with Damask Rose that intensely hydrates and replenishes the skin. It’s a gorgeous enough gift in itself, really. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: Your Lover or BFF. RRP: $49.98 for 100ml. AVAILABLE: Online from


WHAT: Journey of Something 1000-Piece Round Puzzle. DESCRIPTION: An Australian-themed thousand-piece puzzle in a round shape, made from 100% recycled paper and board. Now you can’t get more Aussie and eco than that. The ‘All Round Oz’ puzzle – packed with images of Australiana – is designed by collage artist Maximillian Malone and is a real winner in the puzzle stakes. Indeed, it puts the ‘coup’ back in decoupage. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: Mum, Nan or anyone addicted to puzzles since Covid made it an iso thing. RRP: $64.00. AVAILABLE: From



WHAT: A Handpicked Hamper! DESCRIPTION: If the things-to-do list is getting longer by the day, let Hampers Handpicked do the running around for you. They offer a great variety of readymade hampers – and the beautiful thing is Hampers Handpicked fully support Australian providers of fine foods and wines. They also create beautiful ‘pamper hampers’, packed with only Australian-made beauty products. On the food front, the ‘Love of Christmas’ hamper is jam-packed with quality nibbles plus a bottle of Chandon Brut NV, perfect to get into the Christmas spirit. The ‘Love of Christmas’ hamper also includes Maggie Beer Quince Paste, Phillipa’s Herbed Spiced Nuts and Chocolate Hazelnut Orange Biscotti, The Barossa Cheese Co Activated Charcoal Crispbreads, Whisk & Pin Mixed Berries, Dench Bakers Lemon Shortbread and Savoury Parmesan Bites, plus products by Kangaroo Island Produce Co, Bramble & Hedge, and Yarra Valley Preserves. And a Maggie Beers 100% Linen Tea Towel for keeps. Instead of saying ho-ho-ho, they’ll be saying nom-nom-noms! WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The Fussy Gourmand. RRP: $220.00 (includes Star Track Courier delivery service to the recipient). AVAILABLE: Online from where you’ll also get to view the full list of contents in this generous hamper.



WHAT: Wrappa Beeswax Organic Cotton and Wax Wraps. DESCRIPTION: These Wrappa beeswax wraps are a great alternative to plastic wrap and perfect for sandwiches or wraps on the go. Made from 100% certified organic cotton, local filtered beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil – each is antibacterial and easy to wash. Available in single sheet or sets of 3 or 5. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: Mum. RRP: Jumbo Single from $24.00, Set of 3 from $37.00, Set of 5 from $49.00. Dimensions: 25 x 25cm each. AVAILABLE: From



↑ WHAT: Buckley and Phillips Gumleaf Essentials Sweet Orange & Clove Bud Christmas Soy Candle. DESCRIPTION: Directors Christopher Phillips and Maureen Buckley began selling handmade candles at St Kilda’s Esplanade Market in 1972. Since these humble beginnings, Buckley & Phillips Aromatics have developed a wide range of aromatic products. This sweet orange and patchouli infused candle with the festive mulling spices of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg burns for up to 40-50 hours. All candles are made in Australia, cruelty-free, from vegan ingredients that include natural soy and a coconut wax base. Eco-complete with lead-free cotton wick and sturdy bamboo lid, it makes the perfect Christmas table accessory. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: Light up anyone’s Christmas! RRP: $34.95 for 200g candle. AVAILABLE: Online at   


 WHAT: Fireball Whisky Firebox. DESCRIPTION: You know when you’ve had a shot or two of Fireball and you’ve gone “God, that tastes good” and wish you could have a whole lot more? Well you’ll be happy to know the hot, hot brand has come out with a Fireball Firebox: a 3.5 litre goon box full of Fireball Whisky. And that’s worth celebrating. Made with Canadian Whisky and natural cinnamon flavours, Fireball was originally concocted to battle the harsh winters of North Canada. Its popularity grew with the beverage being enjoyed with friends on “shot” occasions, particularly to “ignite the night”.

Indeed, as its name suggests, Fireball leaves an explosive taste in the mouth with a warm, fuzzy feeling once the glorious-hued liquid has gone down. It can also be enjoyed on ice, sipped. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: Dudes With Better Taste Than Their Beer-Swigging Buddies. COST: RRP $224.99 for the 3.5L Box. AVAILABLE: Just 1000 limited edition boxes are on sale through Booze Bud (, Bondi Beach Cellars (Bondi, NSW), Liquor on Oxford Street (Darlinghurst, NSW) and select retailers across Australia. See more information at



↑ WHAT: Mini Book Club Kit. DESCRIPTION: Host your book club from any place thanks to this mini kit, which comes with recipes for literary-inspired cocktails and conversation prompts for your latest read. Also includes a timer and dice when you need to mix things up to keep the conversation moving, plus a book chart to track your favourite reads. BYO books and booze. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The Bookworm. RRP: $17.00. AVAILABLE: From


 WHAT: Tivoli Audio Model One BT radio. DESCRIPTION: We love all radio: analogue, digital, live or streamed. If you’re in the same boat and don’t want to let go of good ol’ style radio with a dial, the Tivoli Audio Model One BT is the perfect segue! With a tuner that brings clarity to even those hard-to-pick-up stations, you can tune in analogue-style or opt for Bluetooth, connecting your smartphone to wirelessly play your fave online stations or streaming services. As for aesthetics, the Model One is an absolute hit, starting with its handmade wood cabinet and an easy trio of knobs – making it the antithesis of other electronic products which are either too complex or way too minimalist. Behind the Model One’s simple appearance hides brilliant technology, facilitating higher sound reproduction and better reception over anything else near its size. And it just looks so damn cool. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The Appreciator of High Tech Audio With A Retro Bent. RRP: $279.00. AVAILABLE: In a variety of colours from



↑ WHAT: New Zealand Glacial Clay Mud Masque. DESCRIPTION: A mineral rich healing green clay formed through the combination of ancient volcanic ash and fresh glacial water at the foothills of the Southern Alps, New Zealand, over three million years ago and amongst the purest in the world. This incredible mud masque detoxifies and revitalises the skin in just 15 minutes, helps stimulate cell renewal and collagen production while cleaning and tightening pores, leaving an improved complexion and more even skin tone.  It is also beneficial in reducing stretch marks, scars and signs of premature aging. Provides for 20-30 face treatments per jar. Plus, it’s not tested on our furry friends, which is always good news. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The BFF – perhaps even your family favourite. RRP: $59.99 for 100gm. AVAILABLE: Online at



↑ WHAT: Sunnyboy ECO Towel. DESCRIPTION: This seriously cool ECO beach towel by Ke Designs pays tribute to an Aussie summer icon (remember those delicious frozen ice treats?). The ECO Towel is made from a yarn technique called RPET which adopts the smart recycling of water bottles and fabric off-cuts. Basically, each ECO towel keeps 20 waste water bottles out of landfills and our oceans!

ECO Towels are printed with safe and sustainable water-based inks, too. Soft and ultra-absorbent, they’re perfect for drying off at the beach or pool, measuring in at 80 cm x 146 cm. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The avid beach goer who wants to help the planet. RRP: $79.00. AVAILABLE: From Also available is a Sunnyboy tea towel, bringing a little brightness to the kitchen!



WHAT: A Clockwork Orange Phone Case. DESCRIPTION: Original Penguin Book cover design of A Clockwork Orange stamped onto an iPhone Case. This durable and flexible case grips around the edges of your phone to make a cool literary statement. Shock absorbent with anti-fingerprint finish. Compatible with Qi-standard wireless charging. Also available: Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, and Breakfast At Tiffany’s by Truman Capote. Now that’s what we call lit! WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The Literature Lover. RRP: $24.00. AVAILABLE: From


WHAT: Jo Malone Christmas Ornament. DESCRIPTION:  The House of Jo Malone London delivers a plethora of delicious goodies to see in the festive season, from gentle mists to refreshing body and hand washes. And, of course, an array of gorgeous colognes and body creams. Dress the tree with this decorative ornament, with two Jo Malone treats hidden inside: a Wild Bluebell Cologne (9ml) and English Pear & Freesia Body Crème (15ml). It makes decorating the tree even more appealing… no matter what Melania might think. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The Ardent Beauty. RRP: $54.00. AVAILABLE FROM: Available from select Myer & David Jones locations, and at the Jo Malone London Woollahra Boutique. Also available through


WHAT: Mesoestetic Ampoule Gift Pack. DESCRIPTION: This Christmas, mesoestetic is doing something a little different: providing trial-size gift packs of their four signature ampoules available exclusively as a gift with purchase from all mesoestetic clinics. A pioneer in the ampoules market, mesoestetic’s home ampoules range provides targeted treatments with optimised formulas for solutions-based results. The proteoglycans ampoule is ideal for both dry and mature skins, with a formula based on proteoglycans, Vitamins C and F. The antiaging flash ampoule helps eliminate signs of fatigue and provides instant radiance. The glycolic + E + F ampoule contains just as it name suggests, gently exfoliates to help rejuvenate and smooth skin texture. And the pollution defense ampoule is designed to provide daytime protection to all skin types. Your beauty regime all taken care of in one nifty gift pack. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The Ardent Beauty. RRP: Free gift with purchase. AVAILABLE: From mesoestetic clinics. View the full mesoestetic range at


WHAT: Star Wars Don’t Upset The Wookiee Card Game. DESCRIPTION: From the beautiful and smooth to the bold and fuzzy, this fast-paced card game celebrates fan-favourite Chewbacca scenes from the Star Wars film franchise. It comes in a furry plush Chewie case so that you can keep your cards safe. Take it in turns playing angrier and angrier cards until your furry friend totally loses it! WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The Star Wars fan, of course. RRP: $24.99. AVAILABLE: From


WHAT: Andy Warhol for the Velvet Underground ‘Peel Slowly and See’ Tote. DESCRIPTION: Durable, easy to carry shopping bag with sublimated print on both sides. Soft yet durable polyester poplin fabric with super strong 1-inch wide cotton shoulder strap. Looking for something more lightweight? Try the Cotton Tote Bag. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: Any Lover of Pop Art. RRP: $24.00. AVAILABLE: From



WHAT: Written and Directed by Quentin Tarantino Laptop Sleeve. DESCRIPTION: Love this nifty zipped laptop sleeve emblazoned with bold irony. Foam padding and poly cover to protect your device from bumps and scratches. Sturdy and easy to clean with a damp cloth. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The Budding Scriptwriter or General Film Buff. RRP: $45.90. AVAILABLE: From WHAT: Dungeons & Dragons Hard Cover Journal. DESCRIPTION: The perfect journal to jot down all your D&D notes, filled with 128 pages on 90gsm stock, all wrapped in a gloriously stamped hardback cover. Available in ruled, graph or blank pages. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The D&D Addict. RRP: $28.00. AVAILABLE: From


WHAT: La Mer The Restorative Hydration Collection. DESCRIPTION: With the weather being more temperamental this season, it’s good to know there is a beauty brand you can rely on that deeply conditions the skin to reduce any damage caused by environmental stressors.  This dynamic duo from La Mer – the classic Crème de la Mer (60ml) and forever-classic The Concentrate (30ml) – will together help visibly soothe and strengthen skin. Formulated with three times the concentrate of La Mer’s signature Miracle Broth™, Crème de la Mer is a conditioning cream that helps reduce the appearance of dark circles, surface discoloration and puffiness, while The Concentrate sooths visible irritation and redness to restore and revitalise fragile skin. After two weeks, improvement is very visible. After a month’s use even more so, along with a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. The face and eye area appear softer, smoother and more luminous. Seriously, it’s like a Christmas miracle. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The Classic Beauty. RRP: $800.00. AVAILABLE: From select David Jones & Mecca locations, and online via


WHAT: Adorable Avocado Salt & Pepper Set. DESCRIPTION: Now you can sprinkle salt and pepper on your smashed avo on toast with this nifty salt and pepper shaker set. Adorable little avocado halves that’ll look at home on the breakfast benchtop, or on the top shelf in the pantry. Each shaker measures in at 8 x 7 x 4 cms. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: It’ll make a very cute Kris Kringle. RRP: $9.95. AVAILABLE: From


WHAT: The Little Veggie Patch Co. Leafy Greens Seed Kit. DESCRIPTION: Designed and tested by Victorian based company LVPC and verified by The Little Veggie Patch Co (who we recently featured in Cream!), this seed kit contains everything you need to start growing leafy greens. These veggie patch staples are high in nutrition, can be grown year-round, and regenerate as they are picked and eaten. Heirloom seeds enclosed: silverbeet, spinach, lettuce, rocket and kale. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: Little Green Thumbs. RRP: $30.00. AVAILABLE: From


WHAT: Hello Vegan Wine. DESCRIPTION: Introducing a new range of vegan-friendly wines to suit every palate. Hello Vegan Wines have been masterfully hand-crafted from premium dry-grown vineyards across South Australia, and contain no animal products or traces. They pair beautifully with a variety of cuisines, especially vegan food. Available are a vibrant Rose, lively Pinot Noir, juicy Shiraz, and fruity Pinot Grigio (pictured). RRP: $13.99 a bottle. AVAILABLE: From quality liquor outlets including Liquorland and Cellar Masters.


WHAT: Plantopedia. DESCRIPTION: What’s the next best thing to gifting someone a houseplant? Gifting them this beautiful book all about houseplants. Plantopedia shows you how houseplants have the power to transform any room with their lush foliage and structural beauty. Authors Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan present the definitive guide to keeping happy, healthy plants in any space. Featuring more than 130 profiles including foliage plants, succulents and cacti, as well as rarer gems, the authors write in a relatable manner and not as though the reader needs a degree in horticulture. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The Green Thumb in the family. RRP: $59.99 in hardcover. AVAILABLE: From quality bookstores, published through Smith Street Books.



↑ WHAT: Old Young’s 1829 Gin (700ml Bottle; 42% ABV). DESCRIPTION: Christmas in Australia signals the start of the hot summer days – and Old Young’s in Western Australia have crafted a gin that is just perfect for sipping on whilst you’re drinking in that sunshine! The base botanical of this gin is the world’s finest Tuscan juniper, and then an abundance of bright WA citrus has been added with a hint of cardamom to balance it out. The end result is a deliciously tangy and refreshing gin designed to uplift the classic gin and tonic. This gin may disappear fairly rapidly once the bottle is opened, but the smile on the face of your gin-loving friend when they unwrap it won’t. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The True Gin Connoisseur. RRP: $75.00. AVAILABLE: From

↑ WHAT: Space Invaders Cuff Links. DESCRIPTION: Retro video game lovers will love these cute green Space Invader cufflinks are back. Made from hard-wearing green enamel, they measure in at a width of 2 cm and height of 1.4 cm and come in an attractive little box, ready to gift. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The Slick Dresser With a Bent for Retro. RRP: $39.00. AVAILABLE: From

WHAT: PetSafe® Kibble Chase Roaming Treat Dispenser. DESCRIPTION: The treat chase is on! This nifty treat dispenser is an interactive dog toy that will get your puppy excited about playtime. Simply load it with kibble, turn it on and watch the fun begin. The battery-powered toy rolls around the floor in a random pattern, dispensing treats as it goes. This is a perfect choice for dogs that eat too quickly, since a treat puzzle is a great way to feed puppas slowly and can hold up to half a cup (118 ml) of kibble. Tough rubber wheels roll quietly and easily on most indoor floor surfaces. From playtime to dinner time, the PetSafe® brand is here to help you and your pet to live happy together. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: Your beloved pooch, of course! RRP: $54.99. AVAILABLE: From


WHAT: My Milo Personalised Tin. DESCRIPTION: Some folks are pretty picky about who gets to share their Milo, so for that someone who likes his very own tin of the good stuff, now they can have their name on the packaging. The new My Milo tins come with a choice of eight background designs, as well as the opportunity to stamp it with the gift receiver’s name, up to 11 characters long. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: Whoever’s Name You Think Would Look Great On The Tin! RRP: 460gram tin $11.99 plus $8.00 nationwide shipping. AVAILABLE: From


WHAT: Duck Egg Velvet Upsy Booster. DESCRIPTION: A super-soft deluxe velvet Upsy for which to perch your trusty phone on, be it to relax and read, while cooking from that online recipe, or even during a little bedroom play. The velvet fabric is durable and can be protected with fabric spray if need be. Spot-clean stains with soap and water and use a fabric brush to restore the pile. Because who knows what this little booster might be subjected to in the long run. Size: 28 x 28 x 31cm. Seat height 12cm. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: That Person Who Needs To Go Hands-Free For A While RRP: $140.00. AVAILABLE: From

WHAT: PetSafe® Ricochet Electronic Dog Toys. DESCRIPTION: Give your dog a new type of challenge with these smart electronic toys. When your dog interacts with one of the paired toys, a fun squeak sound is heard from the other toy. Then when your furry friend investigates the second toy, the sound bounces back to the first one. Genius! While not a chew toy, the Ricochet is durable enough for intense play. Change up the game by hiding one of the toys behind furniture or in a nearby room since the toys have a range of up to nine metres. When your dog is done for the day, it will automatically turn off after 60 minutes of non-interaction to conserve the battery life. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The perfect addition to your dog’s toy box. RRP: $79.99. AVAILABLE: From


WHAT: Wahu Classic Soccer Ball. DESCRIPTION: The Wahu Soccer ball is for dribbling and passing at the beach, the lake, the park, or in your own backyard. Available in a variety of colours and with a waterproof neoprene skin, this sporting fixture won’t disappoint – regardless of weather conditions. The ball’s radical raised graphics will give your goalie maximum grip. Fill the internal air bladder to your liking and let the “beautiful game” begin! WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The Kids. RRP: $24.99. AVAILABLE: From


WHAT: Wahu Skim ‘N Hoop. DESCRIPTION: This large, multi-functional inflatable can be used both in and out of the pool. Featuring two basketball hoops, three circular skim scoring targets, a detachable net on the rear, plus an 11cm ball, you’ll be all set for summer. Ideal for unlimited rounds of pool basketball challenges, water polo, pool football/soccer or simple skim ball challenges. Measures approximately 150cm x 145cm x 86cm when inflated. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: Again, the Kids. RRP: $79.99. AVAILABLE: From


WHAT: Goliath Gator Golf. DESCRIPTION: A relaunch of a 90s’ classic! Putt the ball into the alligator’s mouth and watch his tail flip it back to you. Gator Golf has been redesigned for 2020, with the gator head more robust and well-rounded and an extendable putting stick shaped like one of those flamingoes used in Alice In Wonderland! WHO TO BUY IT FOR: And again, the Kids. Although we’ve bought one for a friend who used to be a champion golfer, for reals! RRP: $25.00. AVAILABLE: From good toys stores including Target, K-Mart and Big W.


WHAT: WAW Bodysurfing Handplane ‘The Badfish’. DESCRIPTION: The BadFish is a high-performance bodysurfing handplane made from traceable ocean plastic. Made by body surfers, for body surfers and can be used by all ages and abilities. Each plane is made from plastic collected at the Great Barrier Reef and from household recycling bins; it’s the first handplane made without any virgin plastic materials! More wave, less plastic. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The Water Baby. RRP: $89.95. AVAILABLE: From



 ↑ WHAT: BlueAnt X5 Portable Party Speaker. DESCRIPTION: The ‘X5’ is the new flagship speaker from Aussie audio pioneers BlueAnt – and it’s the perfect party speaker for the home or office (great for Friday after-work bevvies). BlueAnt is dubbing the X5 their best piece of audio equipment, and we’ve got to agree. It’s lightweight, portable, and delivers excellent sound quality. Expect up to 110dB of immersive sound with deep rich lows and dynamic highs – all with no distortion, even at max volume. Plus there’s something called ‘Psycho-Acoustic Bass Extension’ giving more oomph to your hip-hop, house or chillout tunes. ‘Duo Mode’ means the X5 can be paired with another X5, delivering a wide stereo experience. Now that’s smart stereo thinking. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: Hey Music Lover! RRP: $399.00. AVAILABLE: From quality audio outlets including JB Hi-Fi. More information at


WHAT: Synergie Skin Beauty Sleep Pack. DESCRIPTION: Since its inception in 2005, Synergie Skin has helped individuals of all ages feel ultra-confident in their skin. The Australian-owned brand now introduces ‘Beauty Sleep’, a value pack that works the cosmeceutical night-shift to give your skin the break it deserves. This limited edition pack is the epitome of evening skincare luxury and features a Vitamin B-fueled essential niacinamide serum (30ml), miraculous ImprovEyes overnight eye treatment (15ml), indulgent MasquErase home treatment mask (15ml), and a sachet of Acceler-A advanced Vitamin A serum (2ml). It all comes packaged in a deluxe cosmetic bag with a soft headband included for the full beauty experience. Now that’s a gift that’s all wrapped up and ready to go! WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The Home Spa Expert, or Novice for that matter. RRP: $279.00. AVAILABLE: Online from



WHAT: Orbit Space Explorer Music Carousel. DESCRIPTION: This impressive music carousel is not like the one your grandparents kept. Instead, it takes on the form of a shining blue planet with a silver ring surrounding it, ready to spin with a simple twist. Listen to the tinkling tune and let it soothe you. Aaaah… Measurements: 10.5 x 11 x 11 cms. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The Friend Who’s Expecting. Because baby would love to snooze to the pretty tune. RRP: $99.99. AVAILABLE: From


WHAT: Stormie Mills Limited Edition Greeting Cards. DESCRIPTION: These glorious designs are by Perth street artist Stormie Mills, featuring a number of Mills’ iconic melancholic little characters who have become celebrities in their own right. “Over the years I have repeatedly been asked if I create prints,” says Stormie. “I am really passionate about my work and its meaning connecting with as many people as possible, hence I have created a limited edition range of items [soon] available via my new online shop.” ‘Tis true, you can score the six-set of cards (only 100 sets being made available) from or hit up the email address below, exclusive to Cream readers. Each six-pack of cards comes with a set of silver lined envelopes. And note, once these are gone, they’re gone for good, and new limited edition merchandise will take their place. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: Yourself to write some wonderful Christmas messages in! RRP: $55.00 plus postage. AVAILABLE: Order yours at or at


WHAT: Jo Malone Frosted Cherry & Clove Christmas 2020 Candle. DESCRIPTION: Welcoming guests over the festive season? The House of Jo Malone London offers plenty of delicious things to welcome and inspire, including a stunning array of candles. This Frosted Cherry & Clove Candle perfectly evokes the spirit of Christmas eve and Christmas morning. Sweet and juicy cherry compliments the spiced scent of clove, comforting cinnamon and sensual amber. A succulent and warming fragrance. To top off the beauty of it all, the candle is dressed in a limited-edition Art Deco-inspired design. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: It makes for an impressive house gift when visiting friends this Chrissy. RRP: $95.00. AVAILABLE FROM: The Jo Malone Christmas Collection is available from select Myer & David Jones locations, and at the Jo Malone London Woollahra Boutique. Also available through

WHAT: Enbacci Vitis Vinifera Grape Stem Cell System. DESCRIPTION: Containing stem cells from a French genus of grapes, the Enbacci Vitis Vinifera range contains vitamin-rich phytonutrients to reverse UV-related damage, help reduce redness and inflammation, even out skin tone, and strengthen youth-enhancing collagen and elastin structures. That’s a lot of activity going on under the skin. But you don’t have to do much work to get great results. Use the cleanser in the morning and evening. Use the essence as a facial mist throughout the day. And the essential crème to combat oiliness. And for the record, it’s not ‘stem’ as in the stem of the grape vine, but undifferentiated or un-programmed cells – which from grapes have been found to be particularly effective in reducing the skin’s appearance from environmental stresses. See results in days. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The Ardent Beauty. RRP: $200.00 for the full three-step system which includes Rejuvenating Gel Cleanser 100ml, Rejuvenating Essence 100ml, and Rejuvenating Essential Crème 50ml. AVAILABLE: From

WHAT: Tesalate Workout Towels. DESCRIPTION: These are no ordinary workout towels. Tesalate create antibacterial and odour-free towels for those who are serious about a clean workout. Built for a new world where health and safety are more important than ever, the brand has engineered a safe antimicrobial additive into the very core of the towels’ fabric.  The result? A fast-drying, bacteria-killing towel that always stays fresh, no matter how intense your workout sesh. Lightweight, compact and the perfect size for every activity. Oh, and fancy with their double-sided designs! WHO TO BUY IT FOR: Your Gym Buddy. RRP: $49.00 each. AVAILABLE: From

WHAT: Deadly Disease Trumps Card Game. DESCRIPTION: Coronavirus made a joke of our 2020 plans so it’s only fair that we make a joke out of it, right? This game plays a lot like your usual Top Trumps games (the ‘Trump’ part is just a coincidence). Pit different deadly diseases against each other to beat your friends with different statistics, including incubation, death rate and even a pain rating. Somewhat dark, yes, but if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: Fans of Cards Against Humanity and the like. RRP: $12.95. AVAILABLE: From


WHAT: Lexon Flip Alarm Clock. DESCRIPTION: This trusty alarm clock  has two different sides, one with ON written on it, one with OFF. When ON is visible, it indicates the alarm clock is activated. When on the OFF side, the alarm is off  (naturally!). Also features a snooze button for when you’re undecided. The electro-luminous display allows you to check the time all night, too. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The Sleepy Head. RRP: $79.90. AVAILABLE: From


WHAT: Stormie Mills Limited Edition T-Shirts, exclusive to Cream readers. DESCRIPTION: Stormie Mills is one of the world’s most recognised and celebrated graffiti artists, having staged exhibitions from Sydney to New York, and receiving top honours to match his unique and immersive imagery. Heck, a trek around Perth’s CBD and you’ll spot many a Stormie classic standing proud on the walls of familiar buildings.

Says Stormie, “The nature of my work and its expression of a moment in time, and my emotions, has meant that the idea of creating prints doesn’t really work for me… it does not feel intimate enough.” On that note, Stormie has opted to instead create these wonderful t-shirts so as you can, well, become more intimate with the man’s work. Available exclusively to Cream readers. There are only nine t-shirts produced in each print so rush-rush-rush to get your mitts on these rare tees. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The Lover of Excellent Street Art. RRP: $150.00 plus postage. AVAILABLE: Available now from or order through

WHAT: Schitt’s Creek: David & Alexis Pop! Vinyl Figures. DESCRIPTION: Funko’s new bundle of Schitt’s Creek Pop! Vinyl Figures features all four members of the Rose family – but we quickly had to get our hands on fashionable David and fantabulous Alexis before they sell out. Satisfy your inner fashionista and utter socialite by propping these two figures on your desktop or bookshelf. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The Schitt’s Creek Fan. RRP: $19.99 each. AVAILABLE: From



WHAT: Logitech C922 Webcam. DESCRIPTION: A webcam for those who take their streaming seriously. Connect with superior clarity every time you go live online with the C922. Stream anything you want in your choice of Full 1080p at 30 frames per second or hyper-fast HD 720p at 60fps. Broadcasts masterfully with a built-in stereo microphone, reliable no-drop audio, autofocus, and a 78-degree field of view. Package includes tripod, 1.5 metre cable, plus a free 3-month premium XSplit license. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The Serious YouTuber, Instagrammer or TikTokker. RRP: $199.95. AVAILABLE: From

WHAT: Atari Mini Pong Jr. DESCRIPTION: While the old-school gaming classic Pong might seem rudimentary in comparison to something as complex as Ghost of Tsushima, there is somewhat a rush one gets when delving into a bit of simple gameplay. Playing Atari’s Mini Pong will have you feeling hooked once more on that adrenaline-pumping feeling. Mini Pong Jr. is a standalone small console video game for one or two players, and it features a 7.9-inch LCD monochromatic screen with two control dials. In single mode, there are 10 levels of difficulty, while in two-player mode it’s hombre versus hombre. Rechargeable and pluggable, Mini Pong Jr. fits snugly in your handbag or manbag. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The Gamer With Tongue Firmly Planted In Cheek. RRP: Try your luck bidding online. AVAILABLE: Start the bidding at

WHAT: Skypipe Essential Oil Diffuser. DESCRIPTION: Forget those hippy-looking wooden diffusers you’re used to seeing at bric-a-brac shops. The Skypipe Essential Oil Diffuser by kookily-named company Black Chicken Remedies is what the stylish living room really needs. It not only makes for a refreshing room deodoriser but also helps with healthier breathing. And it looks super-sleek in all-black ceramic. Influence the sensual experience of any space through aroma, vapour and lighting effects that work to create a relaxing vibe. The Skypipe has low and high output options, acts as a nightlight, and will automatically switch off when the water runs dry. Essential oils not included. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: Your Very Cool Aunt. RRP: $119.00. AVAILABLE: Start the bidding at


WHAT: Gaming Themed Wall Clock. DESCRIPTION: Combine retro taste with practicality in this nifty wall clock featuring different gaming icons such as PlayStation and Nintendo controllers and joysticks, and other handheld gaming favourites. Features quartz motivity so the time stays right, but you’ll be too busy smashing scores online to notice the five hours that have passed by, wouldn’t you? WHO TO BUY IT FOR: Note, this is a DIY project and the receiver will have to put their own clock together. Someone who loves a true gaming challenge, then! RRP: $18.00. AVAILABLE: Online from But be warned: once you get hooked on Wish shopping, you’ll find it hard to log off. Keep in mind that for every item you buy, postage for that item is about the same price, hence this clock will cost you around $36.00.


WHAT: Cheeki Insulated Wine Tumbler with Straw. DESCRIPTION: This insulated tumbler with stainless steel safety straw is perfect for holding wine, iced tea, or any other cold drinks. The double-walled stainless steel is vacuum insulated and will keep cold drinks cold for up to six hours. Great for use by the pool, at a picnic or on one of those cinema-under-the-stars events. And who are we kidding? It’s great for holding cocktails, too! Spirit white hue and 220ml capacity. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: Both Mum and Dad, who’ll both need extra eggnog come Christmas morning. RRP: $29.95. AVAILABLE: From


WHAT: PetSafe® Dancing Dot Laser Cat Toy. DESCRIPTION: Let your kitty pounce and play all day, even when you’re away with this innovative laser toy. Simply place the laser cat toy on any elevated flat surface, or hang it on a doorknob. With two play mode options and a random moving laser display, the Dancing Dot toy is a fun way to keep your cat healthy and active. One-Time-Play mode turns the toy on for 15 minutes, and Play-All-Day mode turns the toy on for 15-minute intervals every two hours. The Certified Class 1 laser is completely safe for your cat. Move and adjust the position of the toy to keep your cat challenged and engaged during playtime. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: A moggy who is sure to love you forever thanks to this fun gift. RRP: $39.99. AVAILABLE: From  


WHAT: PetSafe® Automatic Ball Launcher. DESCRIPTION: Your dog will have a great time playing fetch with this water-resistant ball launcher – great for both indoor and outdoor interactive play. With nine distance settings and six angle settings, the launcher shoots standard-sized tennis balls between 2.5 to 9 metres and up to a 45-degree angle. Multiple built-in safety sensors keep pets and people safe while playing fetch, and the automatic rest mode makes sure your dog does not get overworked. WHO TO BUY IT FOR: The furry friend who loves a lot of outdoor time. RRP: $209.99. AVAILABLE: From




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