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Screen Time: Why It Isn’t All Bad

A view shared by many parents, teachers, and critics is that spending hours scrolling through social media isn’t conducive to a high standard of mental health, among other things. Unfortunately, it’s easy to jump on the bandwagon and trust the negatives linked with playing on your mobile devices. In reality, screen time is similar to everything else – it is good in moderation.

If anything, your lifestyle could benefit from screen time, and here are the reasons why.  


Studies Show No Harmful Side-effects  

You might assume that there is a ton of literature that highlights the dangers of screen time. However, the opposite is true. There are hardly any studies or research papers that prove the negative side-effects beyond doubt. In fact, there is more to suggest that using a device is an engaging way to enhance your cognitive thinking.  

For example, new studies contradict the opinion that multitasking with media leads to cognitive decline. This research from the Journal of Communication available at https://academic.oup.com/, goes further by pointing out that because people switch content every 10 to 20 seconds, screen time can be an indicator of self-expression. Therefore, you won’t experience the brain development and cognitive performance reduction associated with smartphones and tablets.  


The Amount of Choice Is Freeing  

Further to the Journal of Communication’s research; not only can screen time be healthy, but the amount of choice means the avenues to self-expression and stress-relief are easily accessible. Additionally, the study also focused on one device being the site for several different types of content, which makes the online casino industry a representative example of screen time with a lot of choice. 

Yes, you must choose wisely to get the most from the experience but review sites such as https://www.bonus.ca/ are designed to guide you to the best providers. Casino comparison sites like this one cut down the user’s screentime by evaluating bonuses, gameplay, and payment options to allow you to pick the most suitable platforms. As a result, the amount of choice is freeing, rather than stifling. The user can switch from one site to another to take advantage of the avenues of self-expression through the choice of game, as well as more easily switching between other content options.  


Screen Time Isn’t Sedentary  

The days where gaming meant the need to be sedentary are no more. They have been replaced by potentially intense activities that promote physical health and wellbeing. Gaming instantly springs to mind, particularly the Nintendo Wii.  

With a Wii, you can work out and remain active while still engaging in screen time. However, a Wii isn’t necessary for the pairing of screentime and exercise. This list of mobile workout apps on https://www.tomsguide.com provides concrete evidence of the effects of screen time on your overall health. Exercise can also improve your mental health as well as your physical health which really highlights the associated benefits of having screentime within moderation.  As you can see, screen time impacts everything from your brain to your body when used correctly. The trick is to drop the bad habits and replace them with healthy ones. 


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