Whacked to the future: quality movie recommendations for when you’re stoned… by Insta favourites ‘Higher Ratings’

There are two things we like to do on a Friday afternoon-slash-evening. Light up and smoke a big fat joint so as to let our minds wonder away from the maddening week that’s been. And line up a bunch of great movies to watch, be it on Amazon, Netflix or good old-fashioned DVD.

For inspiration, we turn to a bold and bright Instagram account: higher_ratings.

These guys know exactly what movies best suit film-loving stoners, and make daily recommendations via their Insta account – complete with cool merchandise layout.

Here you’ll find a motley lot of movie suggestions, the likes of which include Taxi Driver, BlackKklansman, Back To The Future, Fargo... each awe-inspiringly presented with strategically-placed pot-smoking paraphernalia.

Jack Nicholson’s Jack Torrance stands out on the cover of The Shining with a huge scooby stuck between his teeth just before he’s about to cry “Heeeeere’s Johnny!”. Nosferatu, too, enjoys a toke of a long green reefer that complements the colour of his complexion nicely.

The ghost in Ghostbusters is busted toking on a finely rolled J. And Salem’s Lot is peppered with buds so big, they almost look 3D.

But the crew at higher_ratings aren’t just time-wasting film-gazing pot-heads. They’re actually an intelligent, literate bunch – proven by the inclusion of classic books in their high-state recommendations. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Irvine Welsh’s Filth, Jay Anson’s The Amityville Horror – sure each of these are a treat to watch on DVD, but one has got to keep up some reading while half-baked, too.

Back to those movie recommendations, we particularly love the inclusion of such gems as John Waters’ Polyester and Christopher Guest’s Best In Show both of which, admittedly, we’ve viewed several times off our heads. It’s as though the guys at higher_ratings really know us as much as we’re aware of them.

Enjoy more of their blunt recommendations, below.

Antonino Tati & Lisa Andrews

Check out more at Higher Ratings Instagram account here.

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