Which cars from our favourite movies would be worth the most if sold today?

While The Fast & The Furious franchise practically promotes illegal street racing as an artform, it proves that fast cars get movie-goers truly revved up.

But which automobiles on film and television screens would be worth the most if allowed on real roads today?

Auto insurance company collaborated with to calculate the cost of popular fictional vehicles in cinema and TV… and he results ought to spin you out.

If sold in real life, Inspector Gadget’s ‘Gadgetmobile’ would be the most expensive car: the robotic vehicle’s estimated value being around $25,075,000.

Inspired by the 1964 Lincoln Continental convertible, the Gadgetmobile itself is valued at just $75,000, but it is the hidden features – such as jet engines, bumper claws, glue rockets, and the ability to change shape – that see its worth rocket up to $25million. 

In second place isStark Industries’ Acura 2012 ‘Super Car’ as featured in Marvel’s The Avengers. With high-tech features such as palm-scan ID steering, this Palladium-powered vehicle would be worth an estimated $9,198,000 if sold in real life. 

Another superhero car races into third place: the Batmobile – or more specifically the one driven by Christian Bale in The Dark Knight.The vehicle would cost an estimated $9,000,000 if allowed on the streets of Gotham City Manhattan or Tokyo today.

Lagging behind, The DeLorean in Back to the Future only just skids into the top ten. While it is perhapsone of the most iconic cars in cinematic history, this time-travelling machine is valued at a surprisingly low $55,500in real life. And that’s including its vital component – the Flux Capacitor (worth a dismal $450, thank you, obsolescence).

Also in the Top 10 are James Bond’s Aston Martin in ‘Thunderball’ (3 million), the Flying Ford Anglia in ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’ (1.5 million), and the Gigahorse in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ (just 100k).

But wait, there’s more! Two cool animated autos also fit into the rich cars list. That little hot rod Lightning McQueen from Cars zips in at number 7 (worth just 5k in cartoon dollars short of a million), and the fabulous six-wheeled FAB1 in Thunderbirds glides in at number 8 (a quarter of a million, thank you, Parker).

Seriously, your Uber driver’s car is worth more than some of these beasts.

Bethany Surridge & Antonino Tati

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