A cool blend of contemporary & retro culture

Vintage fashion with a wilder edge and a message of eco-consciousness

If you wanted to begin a new business in fashion, you’d seriously have to consider two factors: is your product worthy enough for a post-postmodern wardrobe, and is it sustainable/slash/eco-friendly?

Sonia Audino and Philip Boon are two lovers of fashion who have both boxes ticked. Their business partnership, The Internationals, is a multi-platform vintage emporium that encompasses archive apparel, one-off designer pieces, and rare and collectible accessories. Oh heck, and why not slide in a few pieces of antique furniture for full vintage measure?

Theirs is a mission statement that begins “Add nothing new into the environment” and ends “vintage is the future”. And it’s a mission sure to bode well with contemporary consumers who are more eco-conscious than before.

Created with a masterful vision of mixing-and-matching, The Internationals’ constantly evolving capsules are the results of trawling the globe for one-off designer pieces and couture exclusives.

Most recently, they’ve worked with Perth style curator Leith Groves to present a pop-up event packed with classicism and quirkiness. The top floor on the corner of King and Hay Streets, Perth – once home to Prada – is currently bursting with classic evening wear, cool casual wear, and even wild swimwear and accessories.

A scan of the current capsule reveals everything from Australian radical Claude Maus to Callahan by Versace, Gucci to Comme des Garçon, Issey Miyake to Moschino, and much more. There are even fabric artworks on the wall – two treasures of mounted patchwork by Missoni – that have already been snapped up.

Customers are quick to make these unique items theirs, be it shopping in store or scrolling through Instagram (theinternationalsvintage) and Etsy (theinternationals).

Indeed, The Internationals is a business that is paying dividends three ways: to its fashion-loving owners, its fashion-loving customers, and to a planet that’s had enough of landfill and textile dyes.

Once upon a time, fashion was all about style and (pretty much) no substance. Today it’s about looking good, feeling great, and maintaining a certain sustainability for the planet.

Check, check, check, then.

Antonino Tati

To view ‘The Summer Edit’ by The Internationals, drop in at their pop-up shop on the corner of King and Hay Streets, Perth. The current capsule is on display from now until November 20th. Also visit their Instagram page: theinternationalsvintage_home.

Photography by Di Vidos @dividoscreative; Styling by Sonia Audino @theinternationalsvintage; Hair and makeup Andrea Micich @thebeautyunion.co; Model: Sapphire @saphmurph. All clothing and accessories from The Internationals.

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