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What are the most popularly searched fake labels and tech products on the (black) market?

Black Friday is right around the corner and you might be surprised to learn it’s not only genuine designer labels that are coveted by frenzy-clicking folk. Counterfeit items are in big demand on the internet, with listings often slipping past even the some of the stringent bot-checking on eBay and Etsy.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) recently reported that global trade for counterfeit goods is up 3.3%

With Black Friday (on next Friday 26th November) being the peak shopping period for people trying to score big discounts, price comparison site Uswitch.com were keen to know the number of online searches for counterfeit versions of authentic products.

It found Rolex is the most in-demand fashion brand followed by Yeezy and Louis Vuitton. Fake ‘Beats by Dre’ is the most searched-for in tech, and lookalike Olaplex is the most wanted beauty brand, followed by La Mer and Too Faced. 

Luxury Swiss watch manufacturer, Rolex is known for being one of the most luxury watch labels in the world. A genuine article can set you back $7,000, which is potentially why 228,000 Google searches are made for ‘fake Rolex’ each year – more than any other designer fashion or accessories brand. 

Second on the list is Yeezy – founded in 2015 by rapper Kanye West – which sees 180,000 searches a year for fake versions of its signature trainers. Following Yeezy is Louis Vuitton, famed for its brown monogram printed bags, which is searched for 156,000 times each year. 

Believe it or not, that hideous shoe brand Crocs is the fourth most in-demand designer knock-off, seeing 81,600 annual searches for fake versions of the ghastly footwear. Rounding out the top five in fifth place is Gucci, which sees 80,400 searches for counterfeit items every year. 

Also in the top ten are footwear brands Vans, Converse and Nike.

The Most Popular Fake Designer Bags

Designer handbags make great new season acquisitions, so Uswitch also wanted to look into the demand for inauthentic versions of popular bag designers. It can reveal that look-alike Louis Vuitton bags are the most desired, with 31,200 searches made, followed by Gucci bags which are searched for 15,600 times each year, and fake YSL bags third on the list. 

Other popular brands to feature in the top 10 most searched for list are fake Prada and Chanel bags in equal fifth place with 12,000 searches annually, Michael Kors in seventh (6,000), and Hermes in eighth with 5,400 annual searches. 

The Most In-Demand Fake Tech Brands

Black Friday is when many people try to get the latest tech releases at a discounted price, and the number of counterfeit tech product sales also go up.

Beats by Dr Dre – considered to be producers of the ‘best headphones on the market’ – is the most searched-for tech brand with 8,400 annual searches for ‘fake Beats’. 

Apple and Xbox are joint third on the list, with a total of 6,000 searches each for a cheaper iPhone or Xbox console.

Also popular on the unofficial tech product search list are PlayStation, FitBit and Nintendo and Wii.

Skincare and makeup gifts are also incredibly popular come Christmas time, so the research delved into the most sought-after knock-off brands from popular cosmetics to high-end perfumes. 

This revealed the salon-grade hair label, Olaplex, is the beauty brand that people want to find knock-off versions of the most. The second most searched-for fake beauty brand is La Mer, followed by Too Faced, with Urban Decay and Foreo also in the top five.

That’s a heck of a lot of fake stuff peeps are wearing, carrying over their shoulder, sticking in their pocket, and putting on their face. But folks are getting better and better at spotting fake brand-names from the real deal.

And when the thread starts to fray on that so-called Gucci shirt or the bottom falls out of that Beats pill speaker, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Top 10 Most In-Demand Fake Designer Fashion Brands

RankBrand NameAnnual Searches
3Louis Vuitton156,000
9Off White28,800

Top 10 Most Searched For Fake Designer Bags

RankBrand Annual searches 
1Louis Vuitton bag31,200
2Gucci bag15,600
3YSL bag13,200
5Prada bag12,000
5Chanel bag12,000
7Telfar bag6,000
7Michael Kors bag6,000
8Hermes bag5,400
10Celine bag2,400
10Chloe bag2,400

Top 10 Most Searched For Fake Tech Brands

RankBranded BagAnnual Searches

Top 5 Most Searched For Fake Beauty Brands

RankBranded Beauty ProductAnnual Searches
2La Mer720
3Too Faced600
5Urban Decay480

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