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It’s National Burger Day… Here are a couple of fast food deals for you

As if we didn’t have enough occasions to key into our organisers, now there’s a host of commemorative food-related days to contend with.

Today, for example, is National Burger Day, in celebration of the humble hamburger. At least they used to be humble. Today’s burgers are bigger, bolder and packed with more ingredients than you could fit into any ordinary sandwich. And, heck, who are we to pretend we don’t enjoy scoffing the occasional triple quarter pounder or double chicken deluxe every now and then?

It’s not clear why May 28 is the date we celebrate National Burger Day but since we don’t mind indulging in a Grill’d Burger, Big Mac or Tendercrisp on occasion, we’re just going to go with it.

Hungry Jack’s is celebrating Burger Day by offering customers two Pork Belly Deluxe Burgers for just ten bucks (from now until Monday), while KFC are giving out free chips and a drink with any burger purchased over the weekend.

No word yet on what Grill’d, Huxtaburger and other gourmand brands are doing to celebrate their bread-winning products but chances are they’re not going to throw away the promo opportunity.

Either way, what better excuse to avoid cooking tonight?

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