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Preparing for a Great New Year’s Party: 5 Key Ingredients

Getting ready to host a New Year’s party can be a daunting exercise but one that will be easier if you get more peeps involved. Here are five things to prepare for to make your fiesta a fabulous one, and don’t be afraid to ask mates and family to chip in!



Make a decent, diverse playlist – one that features a little something for everyone. If you’re clever you’ll squeeze in some Cardi B and Arijit Singh between the Coldplay and ABBA, that way appealing to the kids and the oldies alike. Plug in an all-in-one speaker amp and get the party started. The SOUNDBOKS GO is a premium Bluetooth Performance Speaker that is smaller than most but packs a powerful punch. Durable, splashproof and shockproof to take the party knocks, also portable with a carry handle, it contains a swappable battery and boasts sound beyond its size – volume up to 121 decibels, in fact. You can even pair the speaker wirelessly with other SOUNDBOKS Go or Gen. 3 speakers for an immersive music experience, then connect to the SOUNDBOKS App so as to access performance upgrades for new sound profiles, EQ, remote control and more. More info at www.soundboks.com.au.



If you’re putting on a party for New Year’s, you don’t have to do all the work yourself – especially when it comes to the food, for which you’re going to have some fussy eaters around, anyway. Kill two birds with one stone – have people bring what they’d like to eat and what is able to be shared. Ask one friend to bring a salad, another to bring some BBQ meat, someone else to bring a vegetarian dish, and so on. Allocating dishes can be a fun social media exercise. Just start up a thread online between close friends and family, and see who wants to bring what. This kind of pot-luck approach to preparing food for a party makes things more exciting – and diverse!

If you’re often running out of room on the table, and for more ‘antipasto’ type food offerings, use multi-height serving boards such as those by Stanley Rogers to create various serving heights (more information at www.stanleyrogers.com.au).



If you’ve done enough shopping for Christmas and want to put your feet up for a bit, you can always order your beverages for the New Year via Jimmy Brings. Jimmy – quite possibly a real person – can deliver wine, beer, spirits and more to your door within 30 minutes. And even better, they’ll arrive cold and ready to drink! With so much competition in the home-delivery market we decided to test it and, yes, they really did deliver within the half hour. Jimmy can help you out of a tight spot when you’re running low on beer at the party or he can deliver a bottle of wine when you don’t feel like getting out of your PJs to make the trek to the bottle shop. All drivers are RSA (responsible service of alcohol) qualified and if you are worried about yourself or a loved one drinking too much, Jimmy can limit individuals from using its service. Happy New Year, and remember to drink responsibly. More information at www.jimmybrings.com.au. Use the code BUY2022 for free delivery on your New Year’s bevvies.



The most necessary beverage to see in the new year is Champagne, or if you don’t want to go the full French bubbles, sparkling wine. If you’re bringing a few bottles to the party to celebrate with friends, you’re probably on a bit of a budget and that’s where Minchinbury’s great Reserve range comes in handy. Featured are a delicious Chardonnay Pinot Noir and a delectable Chardonnay Pinot Rosé, both exclusively available through Dan Murphy’s. Summer is the perfect time to pop a cork and kick back with family and friends and there’s no better way to do it than with a glass of crisp, cool Minchinbury Reserve. Order through www.danmurphys.com.au.



List of New Year’s resolution on notepad vintage style.

Don’t bother making an extensive list of things you’re going to do in 2023 to be a better person or to attract better people in your life. Just make the one resolution so as you can keep things real – and so as you can at least remember it! It might be something like ‘have more patience with people’ or even something closer to home like ‘don’t make so much noise so as to upset the neighbours’. Be it universal or local, keep your resolution realistic, and don’t kick yourself if you don’t manage to stick to it right away. You’ll get the hang of creating healthier habits.


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