A cool blend of contemporary & retro culture

Eastward bound

Photography Jordan Graham (at Company 1)
Styling Jolyon Mason (at 2C Management)
Hair + makeup Max May (at RPRepresents)
Model Max Panicetti (at Priscillas)
Shot on location The Grotta Capri restaurant

A. Wool suit, cotton shirt, cotton tee, silk/cotton socks and leather lace-up shoes all by Prada. Fez hat by Strand Hatters.
B. Sherling patchwork jacket by Emporio Armani.
C. Leather jacket with knitted collar and cuff by Hermes. Sunglasses by Giorgio Armani. Oyster Perpetual Day-Date II watch by Rolex.
D. Cotton trench coat, cashmere cardigan, cashmere sweater, flared trousers and leather two-tone lace-up shoes all by Burberry.
E. Waxed cotton anorak, printed tee, striped cotton jeans and leather sports bag all by Gucci. Sherling hat by Helen Kaminski.
F. Ribbed sweater, cotton jeans and watch all by Salvatore Ferragamo.
G. Patent hat by Helen Kaminski.

American Apparel (02) 9358 2666
Bally (02) 9519 2433
Burberry (02) 9238 0188
Cartier (02) 9235 1322
Emporio Armani (02) 8233 5888
Giorgio Armani (02) 8233 5888
Gucci (02) 9232 7565
Helen Kaminski (02) 9251 9850

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