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What is this wondrously spacey looking gizmo? The E-One is the first and only medically approved professional hair removal device certified for personal use at home to save you from hairy situations. Registered by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration for the treatment of hirsutism, the compact unit is high tech and designed for both men and women with the ability to tame facial hair, bikini lines and everything in between.

Developed in France by CEO Yves Vincent Brottier and clinically tested for over three years, the E-One uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology that delivers short, precise and concentrated pulses of light onto the skin’s surface, cauterising the vessels that nourish the hair bulb (note the technical term: photocoagulation) making the process pain-free and safe to use on scars and stretch marks, and eliminating the possibility of ingrown hairs and damage to skin tissue.

Approved by dermatologists, the E-One has passed rigorous safety standards in Europe and is the first hair removal device with IPL technology for home use with options for hair removal ranging from temporary photo-waxing to long-term hair removal, depending on the level of intensity set.

The appliance is sleek in design, far from cumbersome and available online in lime green, dark blue and dark pink, complete with a two-year warranty for parts and service. Consider it smooth sailing from here.

For more information visit http://www.e-one.com.au
RRP $2,890 (with payment options available).

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