A cooler blend of culture

Talk about clever packaging

There is nothing more refreshing than feeling icy cold bubbles run through your system, revitalising your entire body from inside out… except perhaps when these refreshing bubbles are repackaged by a Parisian design team. To celebrate its 10th anniversary of limited edition labels, Perrier had designers Hartland Villa create a new collection of labels for its sparkling mineral water that are sure to get the thirsty talking. Centred on three conversations for three times of day, Perrier’s bottle designs meld French culture with the brand’s vibrancy. Exhibiting French words in bubbles against the background of the bulbous green bottles, the designs recreate surreal and creative conversations to inspire sippers to learn a little French while chatting. Terrace Conversations are bright and fresh, with silver and green colouring depicting a drink that is perfect sipped at an al fresco cafe. Paris Chic Conversations has twilight in mind, and is coloured gold and white for the elegance of this cocktail hour. Night Conversations appears as the ‘dark sparking’ bottle, whose black and green label connotes the mysterious intensity of night-time play. Clear your mind and ignite conversation at any time of day (or night).

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