2eros: Swimwear not for Zeroes

If you flip the pages of men’s magazine DNA you’ll discover that men’s swimwear labels are a dime a dozen these days. So many for a guy to choose from that the trusty Speedos have become somewhat less ubiquitous and in their place are a plethora of well-made local labels. One such label is 2EROS who – though we’re not sure about the eyewear their models have a penchant for – provide excellent swimwear for men searching for slick, clean-cut designs that are both stylish and comfortable.

Rejecting mediocre colour palettes and designs, 2EROS offer an array of bold shades and prints, from neon hues of lime, buttercup and rose in its ‘Icon2 Range’ to the navy blues, titanium and black and gold swim briefs in its ‘Victory’ collection, each garment marked with a strategically placed ‘V’ at the front.

Conceptualised by Australian designer Jason Hoeung, 2EROS differentiates itself from other labels by consistently delivering quality, unique and eye-catching designs. A new collection dubbed ‘The Black Label’ will be launched in September, and in a couple of months the label extends to include a jewellery range. All you need for the next summer outdoor dance party then.

2eros swimwear prices start at $69.95 with underwear also available starting at $32.95. Visit to view the full range and order online. Free shipping is provided for orders of over $50.

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