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ALBUM: Gypsy & The Cat ‘Gypsy & The Cat’

The continuing rise of London-based Melbourne-bred duo Gypsy & The Cat is somewhat similar to the unveiling of annoyingly relentless Beiber fever. Replace a pre-pubescent teenybopper with two musically brilliant individuals, Youtube for Myspace, and indifferent cheesy tunes with lyrically beautiful electronic/folk anthems and voila! The similarity lies in the implausible speed that both acts gained global recognition. It was only one year ago that Gypsy & The Cat’s Xavier Bacash and Lionel Towers were still pumping out songs in a garage somewhere in Melbourne. Twelve months on things are looking up.

Already on their resume is supporting The Stokes and The Foals on their national tours, playing at the coveted Splendour in the Grass and more recent Parklife festival, and being able to name Mark Ronson as a fan. With influences from “heritage pop acts” like Fleetwood Mac, Simon & Garfunkel and Jeff Buckley combined with modern input like Daft Punk and Justice, it’s no surprise the impact they’ve had.

As far as debut records go, this one is definitely going to be difficult to top. The cruisy sound of the occasional acoustic guitar, Bee-Gee pitched choruses and genuinely personal sounding lyrics combined with punchy drumming and smooth synthesisers are what ‘The Times’ describe “an early slice of summer”. The inconspicuous innocence that seems to accompany each song, particulary in ‘Sight Of A Tear’ and the symphonic serenading in ‘Jona Vark’ that only makes the future growth of Gypsy & The Cat more exciting to follow. Keep a tab on these two fellas.

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