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Gaga proposes nuddy new album art

Most of us had better things to do on New Year’s Eve than get onto a social networking site. But not Lady Gaga; she was busy hitting Twitter to post information about her new single and album for 2011. With 7.59 million followers, Gaga revealed the new single will be released on the day before Valentine’s and that the album will follow on May 23rd. The album’s title is ‘Born This Way’ and looks like featuring the revealing cover art, above.

In June 2010, Gaga told Rolling Stone magazine, “I think I’m gonna get the album title tattooed on me and put out the photo”. Promise has been kept (that’s the tatt running down her left thigh). The artist says she writes music every day so fans can expect more regular product output than that of her peers (what did happen to Amy Winehouse, by the way?).

‘Born This Way’ is Lady Gaga’s second studio album, following on from her 2008 debut ‘The Fame’ (which was remixed into the guise of ‘The Fame Monster’ last year and packaged with three additional hits: ‘Alejandro’, ‘Bad Romance’ and ‘Telephone’ featuring Beyonce.

There’s no word yet what collaborations take place on the new LP but you can rest assured several prominent producers play a part (and, yes, we’d love another duet with Lady B).

At a concert in Poland in November last year, Gaga told the crowd this was going to be “the greatest album of this decade”.

“It’s finished and it’s fucking really good… So whatever this is, whatever you just did for all of us [?] I promise to give you the greatest album of this decade, just for you.”

A brave call given that the new decade hadn’t even begun then. Peers have got nine years and 358 days of musical output to prove the wild gal otherwise.

‘Born This Way’ will be released on May 23rd through Universal Music.

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