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HP’s Envy 100

Instead of figuring out a way to hide that ugly lump of noisy plastic you call a printer, simply ditch it and invest in what Hewlett-Packard have launched. The latest piece of HP printing equipment is revolutionary with its web connectability and a slick look that will complement your home or office, not invade it.

Sitting all shlick and whatnot, the ENVY100 (RRP $399) is hands-down Cream’s favourite, featuring goodies for the technologically savvy including a high resolution touchscreen boasting a broad range of PrintApps, pioneering ePrint technology, and wireless compatibility with Apple products. Simply shoot an image on your iPhone or iPad, press the print button on your handheld device, and voila, an instant quality image comes out.

The Envy ought sure to appeal to the aesthetically-concerned with its invisible paper tray which shuts automatically once each printing job is done, and the eco-friendly will love to know the product is made from no PVC parts. Efficient, economical, eco-friendly, and oh-so-pretty all in one.

For more information on the HP e-All-in-One range and the impending art project, visit www.hp.com.au

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