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The Samsung Galaxy S Smartphone

I have never been so attached to a smartphone as I am to my new Samsung Galaxy S. I’m talking hooked. Addicted. Made it my new best friend and accessory. It’s so thin and lightweight, I carry it in my top pocket everywhere I go, and if I’m not using it for the usual voice calling and text messaging, I’m updating my Twitter and Facebook status on the go, or playing Mazoid (a sharp version of Pacman) in the back of a cab, or touching up images thanks to its nifty Photoshop.com Mobile app. In fact, this phone comes with so many free applications, and is impressive in its functionality and yet so compact, you’ll wonder what all the fuss of the iPhone was about (sorry Apple).

One standout feature that has everybody talking (well, texting really quickly) is SWYPE. Unlike traditional texting, you slide your finger from letter to letter and SWYPE determines what you’re wanting to write, without lifting your finger off the screen and without you having to be too accurate. You can use the new feature for SMS-ing, keying in contacts and emailing, and it sees your texting sped up by 150%.

Another key feature that comes for free is Layar – an augmented reality browser that allows you to view locations for real-time local information and maps through the Samsung Galaxy S camera, and to share this info with others. A 4-inch display screen means content viewing possibilities are enriched. So much more text can be read at once, and colours burst out of the screen, with animations delivered lively and smoothly. The screen is a handy size to read eBooks (without having to lug around something as large as the you-know-what-pad) and Samsung have even teamed up with Borders so you can download titles instantly. Currently you can download one free best-seller using the free Borders eBookstore app – choose from Christos Tsiolkas’ ‘The Slap’ or John Silvester’s ‘The Golden Mile’.

Like other trusty smartphone brands, Samsung has designed its own social networking aggregator. Social Hub manages all your social media – from texts to Facebook messages – in one streamlined user interface. You can also customise news, weather and finance feeds from around the world.

The only downfall of this device is that although the battery charges relatively quickly, it also gets used up rather fast (even in comparison to earlier models of Samsung phones). But then that could be because I just cannot stop using the beautiful thing…

The Samsung Galaxy S smartphone is available exclusively through Optus in Australia for $0 upfront on the $59 ‘yes’ Social plan. From August, it will be available through all major mobile phone carriers. Visit http://www.samsung.com.au for more details.

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