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Spunky new small car – Hyundai’s impressive i20

From the outside, the Hyundai i20 looks compact and smart but on the inside it’s spacious and even smarter. For a small hatch (on paper at least), the leg, head and shoulder room are very generous. There’s also 295 litres of luggage space out the back, with foldable back seats for when you need more. Even the glove box is generously deep, and – voila – has a cooling function to keep drinks crisp on hot summer days.

But space alone isn’t what makes the i20 so special. Cream took the vehicle for a test-drive from Walsh Bay to Whale Beach, just 45 minutes from the Sydney CBD. Though I’d been to Whale Beach several times before, I’d never driven there myself, but the i20 made the drive easy thanks to a bright back-lit instrument display that’s nice and clear to read, with power steering and tight-turning diameter – the latter make it most easy to move in and out of small spaces. Steering wheel audio controls allow you to navigate music on your iPod (or the radio or CD) with the touch of your fingertips.

You might have seen the television ad / Youtube clip for the i20, which uses for its soundtrack The Ting Tings’ fabulous ‘Shut Up And Let Me Go’. It’s a song that’s robust from the start, but bright, accessible, with room to groove and all about easy moving – all qualities that can be applied to the i20, even its bonnet looking like it wants to growl.

The auto is available in four models – 3-door Active, 5-door Active, Elite, and Premium – with the range kicking off at a very affordable $14,990 (plus on-road costs). At this price and due to its small hatch status, the i20 is already being put in the same category as Hyundai’s previous popular small car, the Getz, and other brands’ vehicles like Toyota’s Yaris, Honda’s Jazz, Ford’s Fiesta and Mazda’s more recent 2, but really this is a cool car all on its own. Though it may not have the utter retro appeal of, say, a Volkswagen Polo, it has just as much going for it in the functionality department.

Available in seven colours (‘electric’ red and green amongst the more popular ‘sleek silver’ and ‘crystal white’), there’s an i20 to suit most forward-thinking, spunky, young – and perhaps mostly new-to-the-road – drivers.

More information at http://www.hyundai.com.au

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