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The Rapture here over the New Year

Rapture – noun
1. ecstatic joy or delight
2. a prophesised future event of the return of Jesus Christ
3. kick-ass US band defying all genres

You have to be pretty darn cocky to name yourself with an association to the coming of the Lord Saviour, but in the most recent interview Cream conducted with The Rapture, self assurance was anything but lacking.

Why, you may ask, have the New York based dance-punk trio made their adoring fans wait multiple years for a new album? Well you see, a lot has gone down. Starting with the departure of a band member and wrapping up with the dismissal of their original record label. On the apparently amicable departure of bassist, Matt Safer, not much is said. On the relationship since, even less. “I have no idea, we just haven’t talked in a long time,” says bassist Gabriel Andruzzi.

Oh well, Matt’s loss. And recent ex-record label Universal should also be included in that pity party as Gabriel informs, “We just didn’t think it would be wise for us to work together anymore.”

Enough bitching, back to the news at hand, the new album! Whilst being vague and relatively non-specific about the record and what is to be expected, which apparently is “to fully engage mystery”,
it is discussed blog-wide that more of those quirky layers of vocals previously featured will be relied upon more heavily as a music feature.

With self-claims over a crackling phone-line that “We’re the Gods of music, we’re the creators”, two schools of thought are birthed: (a) wow, this album is going to be the bomb! or (b) what an obnoxious git; get over yourself. Due to the upcoming Australian tour we at Cream are relying heavily on the former.

Returning after an epic string of performances around their rendezvous at Parklife ’09, The Rapture are back with a bang this festival season playing Field Day on New Years, the Falls Festival, and Summafieldayze, as well as a scattering of side shows. While a general liking for festivals is expressed, the bummer of day-to-day shipping around playing who knows what at who knows where allows the more intimate setting of side shows take the reigns in preferable music sharing moments.

Gabriel’s ignorance and inability to name his most excitably anticipated show to play (“Honestly, I know nothing about any of them”) is made amends with his happily welcomed compliments to the Australian music industry and his flattering comparison of “a powerhouse”. So if I wanted to explain how musically brilliant The Rapture trio is and the things to expect, I could just list all the claim-worthy bullet points on their resume like featuring on Grand Theft Auto, being on a Rolling Stone Top 100 list, or have a multitude of songs in the credits of films and soaps alike, but that’s all been journalistically exhausted. Instead I present straight from the horse’s mouth that you, Cream reader, “can just expect to hear the best record of the next decade. It’s going to fulfill all your dreams”.

What a modest fella.

The Rapture play Falls Festival ( www.fallsfestival.com ) on December 30th and 31st, Field Day on January 1st ( www.fuzzy.com.au ) and Summafieldayze January 2nd (www.summafieldayze.com ).

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