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Watson your coffee table?

Blind in one eye since birth, Albert Watson sees the world as his camera does. Paired with a masterful technique, Watson’s natural monocular perception is perhaps why he is one of the world’s most successful and influential photographers. ‘UFO’, or ‘United Fashion Objectives’, is a 40-year retrospective of the lens-man’s works, some of which are previously unpublished until now. Pulled from an archive that spans fashion photography, portraitures and reportage, the imagery is diverse, but unified by Watson’s treatment of light and texture and insightful illustration of his subjects. Icons include Grace Jones, David Bowie, Beyonce, Uma Thurman, Johnny Depp, Tommy Lee, Kate Moss and a host of supermodels. This coffee table tome is a magnetic presentation of Watson’s photographic style – gritty, glamorous, beautiful and erotic. It provokes a fascination with both the artist and his creations. And it makes for one hefty but way impressive Chrissy gift.

‘UFO ? United Fashion Objectives’ is published through Hardie Grant Books, RRP $89.95.
Pictured, Helena Christensen (top left), Tommy Lee (top right) and Jack Nicholson (bottom), photography by Albert Watson.

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