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Nintendo's new 3DS set to inject dynamics back into gaming

New update: you can soon get your sweaty paws on a Nintendo 3DS. Not just like any run-of-mill 3D console requiring gawky awkward glasses, the 3DS is said to offer an irrefutably superior gaming experience that has everyone in the States already going nuts. Thankfully parting ways with the ‘pop out’ effect, the 3DS adapts a more peering portal effect that enhances the animations and effectively pulls you into the scene; kind of like seeing a real-life miniature Link from ‘Legend Of Zelda’ running around behind the screen.

Upon initial release of the gaming console, there will be over 30 games adapted to the 3D effect, most with twists unavailable with the amateur hour 2D games. As examples, ‘Nintendogs’ now has cats; ‘Super Street Fighter 4’ will allow you to jump into other wireless fights; and ‘Steeldriver’ has a periscope that turns as you do (eg: while you’re whirling around in your desk chair). Other titles that will join the legion of superior games include ‘Dead Or Alive’, ‘Pilotwings’ and ‘Madden NFL’, just to name a few.

Exciting times, kids, exciting times.

Nintendo 3DS (RRP $249.99) will be available later this month. For more information on the technological revolution visit www.nintendo.com/3ds

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