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Christoph Hoffman explains, “A hotel can simply be a functional building to sleep in or a place of discovery, people and secrets”. ‘Design Hotels: Made By Originals’ is a special accompaniment to the ‘Design Hotels Book 2011’ and it’s a hefty piece of coffee table literature not only dedicated to the latter, but to the brilliant individuals who create such places of wonderment.

‘Made By Originals’ is the inspiring accumulation of 33 boutique hotels dispersed over the globe, and the driving forces behind them. Filled with backstories, anecdotes, and otherwise private moments of the hoteliers, architects, artists, and designers, ‘Made by Originals’ allows a glimpse into the creative minds that constantly tick-tick-tick to make your stay away fab-fab-fab.

The insightful text and arresting imagery transport the reader into the vast array of getaways from the urban paradise of Manhattan to a rural retreat in the Alps. Showcasing so much more than hotels, Made By Originals can be summed up by Berlin hotelier Thomas Tanzer: “We don’t do hotels – we’re in the entertainment industry.”

‘Design Hotels 2011’ is available RRP $105 for the standalone hotel guide or RRP $165 for the Collector’s Edition (featuring both books) atwww.designhotels.com/shop or through member hotels and selected book retailers.

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