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The smartphone just got smarter

It’s not everyday that a big company literally says thank you to its consumers. Not only did BlackBerry do just that, they went the extra mile, and even threw their most treasured customers a massive party. Planned to coincide with the release of the new BlackBerry Torch 9800, hundreds of eager BlackBerry users entered online via Facebook for a chance to get their mittens on an invite. Winners were swiftly sent an online invitation, requesting their presence at the Man O’ War steps outside of the Sydney Opera House; with water taxis then summoned to transport the excited mob across the harbour to The Island, literally a floating party barge anchored offshore at Hyde Park.

And boy does the telephony brand know how to throw a bash. Stunning views of the city at night coupled with gourmet food, an on-board DJ and champagne on tap made it a night to remember. Aussie actor Salvatore Coco, cast member of’90s cult phenomenon Heart Break High and who more recently enjoyed his role as Harry the ‘Hammer’ Hammoud in Nine’s ‘Underbelly’, made an appearance as he confessed his love and long time usage of the nifty little device, which combines a touchscreen with the synonymous and trusty trackpad. 

Pictured up top, the new BlackBerry Torch 9800. Also pictured, clockwise from top left: Justin Melvey & Peter Hayes; Mira Palomaki, Nicola Appleton & Kimberlee Oo; DJs The Cunning Hunters; and We Are Handsome Models (loving that name). For more information visit www.blackberry.com.

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