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WIN! 10 cult classic films on DVD repackaged by graphic aesthete Noma Bar



Like a fine wine, movie classics just seem to get better with age. But it’s pretty rare that a movie’s cover art itself gets a makeover. Well cult movie fans, that void has now been filled. The infamous Noma Bar, world-renowned graphic design artist, has totally re-imagined the cover art of ten cult classics including ‘Reservoir Dogs’, ‘Serpico’, ‘Donnie Brasco’, ‘Snatch’, ‘Easy Rider’, and ‘Hell Boy’. The way he does it is as clever as the incentive is refreshing. Noma picks out the key characters and themes within the film and assembles them to form a simple yet classy illustrative collage. The outcome breathes new life into some well-established titles.  The only downside is there’ll only be 1500 copies of each of the ten films available in Australia! So movie buffs better get a move on.



Each special edition DVD will be sold separately in store and will retail for $15.98 (and that’s a bargain). Cream has 5 packs containing all 10 films (the abovementioned as well as ‘Once Upon A Time In Mexico’, ‘Rambo’, ‘Papillon’, and ‘Stand By Me’. For your chance to win all 10, tell us one favourite scene from any one of these films. Keep it brief – one or two sentence – and include your name and address and the subject heading ‘Cult Classics’ to cream@pobox.com. Competition closes Friday 29th April. You can enter as many times as you like, but remember only one entry per day, thanks.


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