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Lovely LaChapelle prints for sale

Cream’s editor, Antonino Tati, recently had the pleasure of interviewing photographer fabuloso David LaChapelle, with a story soon to be featured in ‘Better Digital Camera’ magazine, on newsstands in early May, and bursting with colour featuring iconic pop queen, Madonna, on the cover. Now, if oversaturated hues are what you’re used to seeing from LaChapelle, you’ll find his recent collection of photographic prints far more rustic and paired-back in comparison.

These three ‘Untitled’ pieces each hint at the “current discourse that surrounds contemporary collage” ,as director and curator Dick Goody of the Oakland University Art Gallery so nicely puts it. Here, illustration bleeds with realist portraiture, and rough tears on one corner of an image is juxtaposed with perpendicular ‘lines’ at the other.

Indeed, LaChapelle has torn up a few of his own photographs, and reorganised them in a sort of cut-and-pastiche, amid rudimentary materials including corrugated cardboard, oil sticks and ink. Again, to quote the good Goody, it’s “the artist in arcadia, adopting simpler tools and materials”. We just think they’re real pretty. And very fairly priced, starting at US$125.

Sold individually or as a triptych, these prints are available until May 30th via arts site ‘Exhibition a’. Visit www.exhibitiona.com for prices and purchasing details. Oh, and don’t forget to look out for the print title ‘Better Digital Camera’ for the exclusive LaChapelle interview by our own Editor.

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