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Redken to spoil ardent fashionistas

Redken have been synonymous with Rosemount Australian Fashion Week for quite some time now and low and behold they’re still keeping things fresh and interesting. Not only are they partnering up with a whooping 17 designers (Amber & Thomas, Arnsdorf, Carl Kapp, Ellery, Flannel, Friend Of Mine, Gary Bigeni, Josh Goot, Karla Spetic, Kate Sylvester, Kooey, Lisa Ho, Lisa Maree, Magdalena Velevska, Morrison, Sara Phillips and Yeojin Bae) to create runway fresh locks but have upped the ante, this year they’ve vamped up the Redken Retreat, an onsite New York-inspired salon concept where celebrities and VIP media guests can wander in for a personal consultation and a blowdry. But what we like the best about this concept is the fully equipped mini media center where guests have an internet connected laptop at their disposal for blogging, emailing or YouTube-ing. Smart move. And of course what fashion-related event would deny the attendees a goodie bag to replicate and perpetuate the Redken look? 


The Redken Retreat will be open at the Overseas Passenger Terminal from the May 2nd to 6th. Appointments only. Image of Redken salon concept, 2010, courtesy Getty Images.

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