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Arresting poster art


One word: amazing. It’s the only way to describe ‘Emek… the thinking man’s poster artist’, a collection of drawings, sketches, sculptures and paintings by one very extraordinary graphic aesthete artist. It’s amazing how incredibly beautiful, detailed, politically stimulating, intense and visually arresting (like, we need more adjectives here) Emek’s works are; and how extensive. Seriously, the guy must work all day, every day, and all night.

Name any credible music artist and chances are Emek has created a poster for them, usually advertising an exclusive live gig. Nine Inch Nails, Beastie Boys, Nick Cave, DJ Shadow, Ben Harper, The White Stripes, PJ Harvey, Beck, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Hives… his rocking list of clients appears endless.


The book begins with an intriguing biography on the artist, from the influences his father had on him to his unforeseen involvement with the Los Angeles race riots of 1992. It goes on to break down all his works into categories that include ‘Art Chantry’, ‘Robots’, ‘On Human Form’, and the more kookily categorised ‘Isms’, ‘Politixxx’, and ‘Maxxxed Media’. Boasting 300 colour illustrations, every leaf of this 272-page behemoth is ridiculously good. We’ll have two, thanks. One to keep on the coffee table and the other to cut up for fabulous wallpaper.  Andrew Filocamo 

‘EMEK… the thinking man’s poster artist’ is published through Gingko Press and available for RRP $39.95 from quality bookstores.

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